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My rantings of Christmas traditions and thought about Christmas.
                                                                  My Thoughts On The Christmas Tradition.

Christmas is the time of year that gives me some mixed feelings in regards to just what is this suppose to be about.
Like most people I started out in life with the ideaology of what is generally accepted as a given, or a understanding
of obligation and what I am expected to understand about this  so called "Holiday", and from then to now my ideas
concepts have not stood the test of time.
I still see it is the time of the year and month and day that the churches around the world have determined it to
be concerning Christ birth and the turning point of christians everywhere as the time of reflection and giving praise
to the almighty. The problem for me nowadays is not this, it's the wisdom and knowledge of just how some things
we do just don't make sense in this timeframe of events and how we our emcompassing our livelihood around it
and just how come it is nobody has ever just thought " hey maybe theres a reason for it, or not".
Okay let me start by the idea of the Christmas Tree. I have done some research into this and I can't make the
connection with it being a part of Christ birth.
The Christmas tree and the decoratiing is a throwback to the Romans and the worshiping of their God back
in that time of the Greek God Saturn. As the story goes, this tree was chopped down, then it was ornamented
with apples in praise of this God, the reason for apples was because he was the God that had something to
do with Agriculture. Okay wheres the connection to Christ?
Next theres this idea of Santa Clause, Okay the idea of this jolly bearded man and his philantrophy is a good
one and does permeate a good sense of  a giving and kind spirit, this is something by itself is a good christian
trait I suppose, but where is the connection?
I have done some research on this and Santa Clause as we have come to know him actually was a real life
character that lived in the 1800s and died in 1822 or thereabouts.
The problem with the whole implementing this Santa Clause character into a mainstream Christmas tradition
is simply that he was just a man! And if you think about we are setting up kids at an early age on doing
something that the good book expressely forbids, hero worship, or idol worship.
So before we get around to another Christmas holiday, please people think about just what makes some
sense in the praising of our deity and just what doesn't.
You can't go wrong if you make it about praying or prayers. And the getting together of families for
dinners. And think about this, It's not your Birthday but his. If you are honoring his memory why not
think about giving of yourself to others to be in the best of character that you can.
Anyway just some thoughts on this matter, please take what you think is revelant and pass it along.
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