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I had a pretty busy and sleepless weekend... I NEED to write!
It's just been a stressful weekend. But not a bad kind of stressful, I should say...

It all started Friday night. Actually, a couple of months before that, but it just stroke me last Friday, when I received a response from an editor about my last translation test.

Now, I've always wanted to become a writer and a translator. Some people say a translator is a frustrate writer. Well, maybe it is true, but I'll never know for sure.

Anyway... So Friday I got a negative response from this editor what made me very sad, because I had done one previously in another company and there was no response, I had sent an application form for another company and, still, no response and now... well, I kind of had a breakdown.

I'm not unemployed, but that's really what I want to do, even if I have to continue to work where I'm working now.

That was Friday.

Saturday afternoon, I was cleaning the house when I got a phone call from that company I had sent the application form long ago.

Yey!!! I got a project to translate! I wasn't going to be paid big bucks, but that showed me how much God really cares.

See, I was about to give up. I mean, not completely, because my heart would never really let me do that, but I was talking to God and questioning things like "why am I taking this course if I'm not even learning anything" or doubting my abilities.

I spent Saturday, Sunday morning - I had to go to my other job during the day - , Sunday evening and late night (I went to sleep past 3 in the morning) and woke up at 6 a.m and kept on translation til I had to go to work again. I came back, started translating again and finished just know.

And I did not mention the attempt to adopt a puppy yesterday. A friend from work found this little cute puppy and I asked my husband if we could keep it. It turns out he said yes, my friend brought the dog to my house last night and, apparently, my dog (who is very jealous, I should say) did not really get along with the new puppy. Well, when we realized it wasn't a good idea (Safira, my actual dog, kind of bit the puppy and if we did not set them apart I don't even want to think about what could have happened), my friend was already home and I had to call so she could come to get the puppy back.

Well, it's alright! The puppy will find another home, I'll get another job opportunity and I've finally finished my translation and will be able to sleep at night again!

God IS great!
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