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by Latha
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Mystery · #1635892
(Winner - writer's cramp daily contest)

It was Martha who discovered the clothes and the bike in the afternoon. It was about 4 pm and she was out on shopping. She stumbled on a pile of clothing as she was walking with her eyes and mind on the displays in the shop windows. It was close to the street crossing, where four roads intersect. It was a busy place and people were hurring past her.

She said ‘Uf…Uf’ regaining balance and noticed that the clothes appeared as if belonged to a small child, probably about 9 years.
The pile consisted of a complete set of attire including a jacket and a pair of shoes. It looked as of those were worn by a boy and abandoned on the spot.
“How come?” she asked herself, turning to move on. She glanced back again at the pile, and shook her head, that is when her eyes fell on a small bike.
“Oh…this must have belonged to the same boy.”
An alarm bell rang in her mind. She turned the street corner to the public telephone and dialed 911.
“Sir, I think there is a boy missing, I found abandoned cloths and a bike.”
“We will be right over.”
She hung up and felt very lonely waiting for the police to arrive with the tall buildings hovering over her and people passing by her occupied in their own worlds.
The police arrived and started examining the clothes and the site. There was no trace of blood on the cloths but those appeared as if those were torn away from the child. There was no evidence of violence, however.
Soon the place started getting crowded by inquisitive people and the police having a tough time controlling them.

*** *** ***
At the same time, Bob, hiding in a corner on the terrace of the three story building nearest to the spot, was uttering a loud curse for the 100th time, waiting for it to get dark for an opportunity to leave. He was a full grown man about six feet tall, bruised from his climb up the pipeline, and stark naked. “Damn you, God! When I wanted to grow up quick, I did not mean THIS quick! Also you could have made my cloths bigger and not just me!”

(Word count: 380)

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1635892-The-mystery