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Ever wanted revenge but couldn't wait for Karma to catch up, I have...
Okay, this is a work in progress, none of this has transpired, except in my head, I hope you enjoy my warped mind.


I knew I was in the right place, I had seen the pictures, and now, I was standing looking at pictures on the walls, the girl displayed was the same one, only all ages except for the one I had in my shirt pocket. The photo was extremely brittle from the amount of times I had opened it and closed it. Even though the image was burned into my brain I still did it. After so long looking I finally had tracked her down.

She had hurt me, and now I craved revenge. It was eating me alive. So now here I stood in the dark, looking around the room. I knew her name, that's one thing I had found out, Shelly. I loathed the name. My hatred for this girl had driven me crazy. Before I had set out I had scrubbed my body of every particle of loose skin, I had my hair pulled up into a tight bun, covered by a stocking, a net having too large of holes. A wig covered my hair. Latex gloves donned with long sleeves and pants.

I wished I had known an allergin. Oh that would have been sweet. I prayed it was a latex one, but I doubted it. I crept through the house, adding insult I picked her own utensils, an assortment of knives and others from the kitchen. I knew my knuckles turned white as I crept through the house towards her room. Tonight I would have my revenge. Tonight I would make it all better.

I pushed open the door slowly, hoping it didn't squeak and wake her. A mask was over my face, my eyes barely visible behind the holes. I could see her laying on her side facing away from me. I slipped into the room and dropped the utensils on her bed, waking her. She looked up at me, terror clear on her face. I smiled an unpleasant smile.

"You whore, I told you to stay away, but you didn't listen. So now you must pay." All she could manage were small squeaks and choking sounds. I held one of the larger knives to her neck then dragged it down her body to her stomach. "Maybe I should just start here. But i know you've alrady had certain things removed, so that wouldn't be as fun."

I slid the knife up to between ber breasts. "Now these are the ones that have caused all this trouble." I put more pressure on the blade, it was blunt so when it finally did break skin it would hurt. "What do you think Shelly?" Her eyes widened as I said her name. I could feel her trembling through the bed as I sat next to her, hold the blade to her skin.

"Please. Don't." She finally put together words. I looked at her and shook my head.

"I don't think so, it's too late for that. If you had listened to me when I had asked then we would not be in this position Shelly. You would still be happily asleep, and I would be happy in my relationship. But you didn't." I pressed the knife harder and felt the skin give way, a trail of blood made itself known down the blade and Shelly called out in pain.

I smiled as I watched her. "Don't make this hard."
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1636220