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It's strange that soldiers are keeping the peace, but it's still better than war.
I want to thank for George and Wally for the help. I tried to make my writing better following their guidelines.

"Jump in three seconds!" The doors of the helicopter opened "Don't forget to switch on your jets. Good luck soldiers! Jump NOW!" The voice of the helicopter started to fade. Jonathan pushed the small red button on his suit. His jet-pack slowed him a lot. He looked down to the zone and calibrated the landing parameters.
"Activate the barriers!" he shouted and deactivated his rockets. A huge explosion shook the Siberian 24A region. It all happened in less than two minutes. Jonathan's voice broke the silence: "Targets eliminated, area Siberia 24A is safe, waiting for pickup."
Back in the base a reporter was waiting for the squadron. "Excuse me sir, I know that you are tired but can you please spare a few minutes of your time?" Jonathan sent away his squadron members then sat down.
"If it's about operation polar bear, I can only tell you what all the other peace keepers. There is no such operation."
"It is not about the operation, I am from the Keepers, the official monthly magazine of the Siberian and the North European regions." Said the reporter.
"Oh, sorry, I didn't know we have official magazines. Then just be fast, we don't know when the Siberians will try to start a war again."
The reporter switched on his recording ear implant and started asking. "So, I want to start with a general question that probably every reporter asks. Is it good to be the member of the Squadron?"
"It is. you always get the latest technologies. You are generally a good guy and of course you have the right to kill bad guys on sight. So, yeah, it is dangerous, but still the best job in the Union."
"Don't you think that by killing you are not against the war but you are the cause of war?"
Jonathan was surprised. Nobody ever asked this question before. "You know... So... I can't be the cause of war. It might look strange that we are killing for peace, but by purging the earth from threats we can be sure that no civilian is harmed. This is the definition of peace in the Squadron and I believe in the Union too." Jonathan was very proud of himself. With choosing the right words he repelled the question like kinetic barriers repel rockets.
"If it is not a secret, what is your basic equipment?"
"At the Siberian base we have basic equipment that differs a little from the standard European and American. We have self heating armors, energy weapons that work in extreme cold conditions and a small handheld device called snow vacuum. Beside these we have the general equipment. Kinetic barrier generators and zero point energy exploders."
"You said you have the right to kill bad guys on sight. What does the Charta says about this right exactly?"
"I don't remember the exact, traditional rule. But it says that we can use lethal force against the enemies of the Union and peace at our discretion."
"Don't you think that this means that you should only use it as a last resort?"
"You have pretty strange questions, but well, why should we let somebody live who wanted to kill?"
"You might be right, but don't you believe in second chances?"
Jonathan started to be irritated. "Second chances? Are you a colonist or what? Giving a second chance to some thugs caused the Shining Forest incident. The Squadron has a flying fortress over there since, because we can't live on the ground of the South African territory."
"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I think that this is enough for today. Tomorrow I will come back. Please think about the questions I have asked today." With this the reporter stood up and walked away. Jonathan spotted the tattoo of the Agency on the neck of the man who introduced himself as a reporter. He reached for his energy gun but stopped before pulling it out.
"Tomorrow will be your second chance." He whispered and walked away to the officers' bedroom.
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