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by Jace
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #1637608
A Day 3 RemyLa Rhyme entry for the Winter '10 Rhythm & Rhyme contest.
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Gazing across fields of white shrouds
the tips of our cross-country skis buried,
deep snow clings to pants, wet with sweat and caked with ice,
our tired breath hanging like clouds.

Clouds above are fluffy and light
as we glide along happy, our hearts free.
Emotions swirl about us like the snow that blows,
tickles our senses, all is right.

Right now, snowy fields downward slope
leading us past a lonely gazebo,
a guard watching silent o'er cold, slate-gray waters.
We approach, our souls filled with hope.

Hope blossoms like fires blazing,
this pristine setting becomes our refuge.
Nature envelops us, void of cares in this world.
We're alone, our senses gazing.

Author's Note: The RemyLa Rhyme Form, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 4 stanzas. Each stanza has four lines. The syllable count per stanza is 8/10/12/8 and rhyme scheme is abca defd ghig jklj. The first word of stanza 1 must also be the last word of stanza 4. The last word of stanza 1 must also be the first word of stanza 2 and the last word of stanza 2 must be the first word of stanza 3. Finally, the last word of stanza 3 must also be the first word of stanza 4.
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