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Timing means everything when fate is in control.
                    ~Once in a Lifetime~

It happened with a simple conversation between two;
one said to the other, "I know someone who'd be perfect for you."
Taken by surprise she smiled, wondering who it might be
yet knowing he wasn't meant to be a part of her destiny.

Perhaps it was in the way that the story was told
somewhat of a mystery; this "perfect" man to behold.
A fleeting glimpse of someone like Mel Gibson or Brad Pitt
but with genuine curiousity she did listen and quietly sit.

Then one day a man appeared with bare feet;
she thought it strange that he was shoeless on the street.
Yet she had to reconsider; it was summer and she was too.
He captured her attention with pure innocence so true.

He was young, athletic and handsome; Brad Pitt's double.
When he locked eyes with her, she knew he was trouble.
Something about him; the way he moved, his smile
caught her off-guard; longing for him to stay a while.

She didn't know that He was that "perfect" someone.
Fate brought them together and she wanted to run
to him, away from him and be anywhere but there.
Once in a lifetime to meet your soulmate; beware.

Timing is everything except when you are apart
He left suddenly - without giving her back her heart.
She thinks of him often but cannot regret
the few hours together she will never forget.
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