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It's the night of the big ball - and the mirror has some advice. A Humorous Poetry Entry
An entry for the February 2010 round of "The Humorous Poetry Contest

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The Eternal Question

It's just around the corner, the day of the big ball.
Everyone will be there – the short, the fat, the tall.
I'll wear my finest dress with a tiara in my hair.
I mean - it wouldn't be a party if I wasn't there.

I'm preparing for the big night, trying my new frock.
I see I'm ready early as I glance at the clock.
The "eternal question" comes to me like that...
I wonder, "Does this dress make me look too fat?"

"Mirror, mirror on the wall," I call for its advice.
I paid a lot for this dumb dress.  Was it worth the price?
The mirror looks me over and has me turn around
but as I'm turning I can see the mirror has a frown.

Turning back I say "Enough – you have to tell the truth!"
The magic mirror cannot lie for that would be uncouth.
It hems and haws until I say "The truth you must avow!"
"You used to be quite heavy but it's all behind you now!"

Satisfied, I head out and think a Prince I will seduce.
I don't hear the mirror say "Good luck - with that caboose!"
The moral of this story is that sometimes the lines get blurred.
The truth isn't just what's spoken...
                                                      ...it's also what is heard!

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An entry for the February round of "The Humorous Poetry Contest
Prompt: Open
Form: Quatrains  
Line Limit:  None
Line Count: 20

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