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by Liet
Rated: ASR · Chapter · Horror/Scary · #1641263
Four teenagers make a prank call, and on the other end of the line is a killer...
Here I have the prologue and first chapter of Prank Call, combined into one post because the prologue is quite short and I didn't feel it quite constituded having its own seperate post. This work was nominated for best horror on another writing site, and I hope people enjoy it here as well =)

Prologue- Ingredients for a Major Mess

Step 1:
For This Recipe, You Will Need:

4 Teenagers
1 Little Girl the teens are watching
1 sleep over
Parents of the teenagers all gone at a reunion
1 big mistake
1 telephone call
1 disturbed killer on the other end of the line

Rowan, Josh, Ethan, and Sally

Four 15 year olds staying at Sally’s house, watching Sally’s younger sister Addie while at the same time partying as their guardians are away. They decide to make a random prank call, but who they choose to prank may not be who they’d expect.

They will become the victim of their own victim.

Will they make it out alive?

Step 2:

Chapter 1- The Beginning of the End

“Are they gone?”
Ethan asked. Sally leapt down from her perch on the window seat.
“Yep. They’re on their way.”
“Finally!” Josh yelled from the doorway. In his arms rested numerous snacks and beverages, from soda to potato chips to a large, steaming bowl of overly buttered popcorn. Ethan and Sally were at his side in a heartbeat, the boy grabbing handfuls of the popped corn and the girl tearing open a bag of BBQ chips.
“Guys, let’s not make a big deal out of this. We’re just staying at Sally’s to hang out and watch the house and Addie while our parents are at that reunion thing.” reminded Rowan, a tall, skinny girl of 15 with dark hair and a serious attitude. She was the oldest of the 15 year old quartet, and knew all too well that her friends would be itching to turn this sleep over/babysitting job into an obnoxious party.
“Relax, Rowan.” Josh teased. He shoved a bottle of root beer into her face. She pushed it away and went over to Sally.
“Seriously, Sally…” Rowan began but was cut off as her friend interrupted her. “Rowan, our parents are gone for the night. We can have a little innocent sleep over fun and take care of my little sister at the same time. She should be asleep by now, anyway.” The two teens left the room as the boys promptly began turning on the TV, hooking up gaming consoles and arguing over the last handful of popcorn.
Sally led her friend down the hallway to the closed door of Addie, her younger siblings’, bedroom. Her wavy, strawberry blonde hair bounced happily at her shoulders as she silently inched open the door and peeked in to see the 5 year old sound asleep.
“Seeee?” she nudged Rowan in the side. “Nothing to worry about.” She closed the door with a soft click and turned to her friend. “I know, but let’s just keep this get together quiet, ok?” Rowan begged. Sally knew that her buddy could never stand to break rules or anyone’s trust. “Of course, Row. Just some snacks, some TV, games, that sort of stuff. Have fun, won’t ya?” she smirked and dragged her back to her room where Josh, a daredevil type with brown hair and Ethan, a more reluctant and well behaved boy of sandy blonde locks were already engaged in a video game showdown. Sally took a seat and grabbed a controller and handed one to Rowan. The dark haired girl unenthusiastically took it and soon the friends were laughing and having a great time.
Josh threw his controller down in disgust. “I don’t want to play anymore.” He moaned. The snacks had been picked through and Sally had continuously kicked his butt game after game.
“Sore loser.” Sally smiled her trademark triumphant grin and turned to Ethan and Rowan. They had both given up the game ages ago and were now studying for an upcoming algebra test. “Any suggestions?” she asked.
Rowan looked up from her textbook. She was the type who did not need to study but did anyway. “How about we go to bed?”
Everyone besides her broke into laughter. She flushed crimson. “It’s getting late.” She argued.
“I know! Let’s make a prank call!” Josh recommended.
Rowan had stood up as soon as the word “prank” left his mouth. “No.” she said firmly.
“Come on, Row, don’ be like that. Just one. It won’t hurt.” Josh plead. He decided that nothing would change her mind and asked, “Hey, Sally, where’s the phone here?”
She left the room and came back in an instant, handing the phone eagerly to the boy’s awaiting hands.
“This is NOT a good idea. We’ll get in trouble. There’s caller ID nowadays!” Rowan warned.
Josh was already entering a random number into the phone and holding it up to his ear. Ethan and Sally leaned in, whispering what he should say when the unlucky victim answered.
Rowan slumped, looking defeated. “C-caller ID….you guys…” she whimpered one last attempt at averting their actions. It would be no use.
A man’s voice answered questioningly at the other end of the line. The three teens giggled and Rowan climbed into her sleeping bag. She would not be a part of this.
As Josh talked jokingly into the receiver, the man’s voice on the other end grew more angry and louder. Rowan could almost hear his yelling from where she lay across the room.
“You kids will be sorry.” The voice threatened. Josh tried to contain his giggling enough to speak. “Seriously dude, it’s just a joke. Chill.”
“You will be sorry.” He reiterated. Josh’s face was becoming increasingly less animated. “Look, I’m sorry, I…”
“You’re dead. I’m at your front door.”
Josh’s face was turning a ghostly pale. Sally and Ethan noticed the change of mood and began leaning closer, begging to know what was being said.
“Prepare to die.”
The phone went dead.
Josh told in a hushed whisper to his friends what had just happened. Their faces were twisted in fear as Rowan sat up, already anxious. “What happened? What did he say?”
“You’re dead. I’m at your friend door…” Josh began.
Suddenly, loud banging rang through the night. The four jumped up and screamed. The man outside finished what Josh was going to say as he continued to break his way in.
“Prepare to DIE!”
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