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by Harry
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A storoem about an event my sister swears is true.
“It’s even worse than I’d expected. Dad
did not know who I am,” she cried into
her cell phone, driving home. “It’s just so sad.”
Talking to her brother, tears flowed anew.

Their 92-year-old father had been
in good health until the sudden onset
of Alzheimer’s this month did begin.
This visit ‘home’ had caused her great upset.

After she ended her call, now came sobbing,
making her continued driving unsafe.
At a rest stop, she cried over the robbing
of her father’s mind. How the loss did chafe!

As she sat crying, it began to rain
and became dark. Head down, she was surprised
at a tapping upon her window pane.
There stood an older lady, small in size.

“You look like you need a shoulder to cry on,”
the lady said with a smile. “Please let me in.”
Her fear of strangers was suddenly gone,
and she let this stranger enter within.

Her tears flowed as she cried on the shoulder
of the strange lady; she explained about
her dad. The lady continued to hold her
as she said, “Of this you must have no doubt.

“You have been robbed of your father. You must
recall the man he was, why you loved him.
This disease will make him say things unjust.
You must be strong; the days ahead are grim.

“Remember the love and the times you shared.
Take comfort in knowing you’re a good daughter.”
The lady’s words gave her calmness and prepared
her to turn her rough seas into calm water.

With that, the lady gave her one last hug
and then stepped out into the wet, dark night.
“Thank you. Your words were like a healing drug.”
She looked all around; no one was in sight.

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