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A darkened war of demonic thoughts! My first attempt at a very short story!
Each breath I take entraps but only the rotten scent of flesh
As I wonder through these darkened rooms of rumble
I want to cry to call out for help but these demons of fear have cast my tongue to the dryness of silence
So quiet all around not even the hiss of insect or the call of bird
The air is thick with dreaded hesitation. “When shall I move?”
But this motion is never quick for hours do pass until need enforces one to proceed
And in that I step outside the day now night and the temperature from fire to ice
The moon is high my only friend of familiar light a helpless guardian to this lost soul
Each movement I make that of a ghost just like father taught
I must be invisible and never allow myself to be taken and become a vessel of filth
So in and out of empty house, through tunnels and deserted streets I flee
Towards the hidden halls of sacred sanctuary
You see we used to be three but granddad is dead eaten alive by grandma and not by mouth but her arse
Yes you read correctly by her arse and then she defecates from her mouth
These are the demons that we fear from Hell they ascended through gates of earth and air
Each of their ships but voids of dimensional shift and within each ship obsidian citadels of these rancid worms who scream to a symphony of destruction.

And it is this symphony that you must never allow to reside within the mind for more than a minute for if you do. No motion shall be allowed to come from you. And then the worms will come and one of them will forcefully but slowly enter your mouth and gag you will as its swollen grotesque body finds its way to your bowls in which its peak protrudes to breathe, feed and your mouth becomes but a vessel of outward filth!

So you must understand life here is hard but I must survive. Seven seals have been broken but a eighth can be spoken with the innocence of divine blood has a token.

By Malcolm.E.Wheeldon

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