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written for the Defining Poetry contest---a stairway to heaven

I raise a cone of power
a solitary witch, ancient, anarchic
palms, third eye, sacrum
slick with holy chrism
spiraling heavenward
my heart splinters into time
confetti to be whisked away.

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Written for:
Defining Poetry: Contest  (13+)
CLOSED. Not your average poetry contest. The ultimate prize is knowledge.
#1615036 by emerin-liseli

I chose this week's contemporary poet Jean Valentine as the inspiration for week 3's entry.

by Jean Valentine

I saw my soul become flesh breaking open
the linseed oil breaking over the paper
running down pouring
no one to catch it my life breaking open
no one to contain it my
pelvis thinning out into God

I was caught by the brevity and intensity of her poem Annunciation and was moved as well by her other poems and their dream-like imagery.

Her juxtaposition of the Annunciation of St. Mary as both a specific religous image and yet a personal one as well is transcendent. I loved the imagery of the oil and the breath taking last line, "my pelvis thinning out into God".....she has captured the terror and wonderment that Mary must have felt at the angel Gabriel's visit, as well as our own wonderment when we are visited by grace and God.

In my poem I chose to use another significant moment from Mary's life---her assumption into heaven at the time of her death, and hoped also to make a more personal statement.

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