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by Kouki
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #1645524
A soldier explains events that lead up to the prologue of the main story.
The Brutal Wars
The First Strike

         It began... like most wars do... with words, then threats, then death...
         It had been fifty years since war was forced upon the land and the kingdoms of Necia all enjoyed a time of unequaled peace and prosperity. But something sinister was brewing in the kingdom of Lush, we had no idea of what that something was until their armies appeared on our borders and began to overrun our villiages and cities.
         They lashed out in all directions, against all the kingdoms that surrounded them, destroying anything that stood against them. Women, children, the old and weak, it didnt matter to them, if they stood against them they cut them down in cold blood.
         The village of Luta was the first to fall. After we pushed them back we found the village completely razed and the women and children all thrown in a pile in the center of town, their eyes gouged out and their hands cut off. It was the most horrific thing any of us there had ever seen.
         A few weeks later we were pushed out for the final time, we had to fall back to the city of Suta and we still hold them here, but we have no idea how long we can hold our lines.
         That all happened ten years ago and now the kingdom of Lush had begun to encircle us and were just a few miles away from our capital of Nevado. Our armies are now fighting desperate battles just trying to outlast the Lushian in hopes that they will give up and go home....a fool hardy plan but its all we have right now.
         Our armies were over sixty thousand strong when this pointless war began, and now it had been hacked down to just eleven thousand. The Lushians started with over one hundred thousand troops and we had whittled them down to seventy one thousand. A good number if you ask me, but they still outnumber us seven to one.
         Talk of surrender has begun to spread throughout the army, but most of us know that our Lord Du'Tain would never willingly agree to give up the thing most precious to him and his people.
         I hope to see my loved ones when this war is over, that's looking like a dream at this point, but i am a soldier of Drushalk and i have sworn my life to its defense.
         May our swords cut down our eneimes and our shields protect the ones we love, we shall prevail through the coming darkness.

-Private Trey O' Connor
Drushalk Army
-Stationed in Ft. Senai
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