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war time in Britian and a boom has fallen.
I was blown to the ground. I scream as glass smashed into my body. I could hear fire, smell smoke. Why hadn’t I gone to the shelter when I heard the siren?

I scream and cover my head with my hands as something heavy falls on my legs. I can see fire though my hands. Why didn't I go?

The plates and glasses shatter as something hits me on the head. My fingers go numb but I can't move them out from under the object. I can't die. I just can't.

It's not as loud. I think their moving off. Now I can hear the screams. People are shouting, calling to each other. I hear the sirens coming fast but they are still far off. I hear someone calling my name. He is in the house, I try to call back but my voice won't work. He comes into the room. I hear him swear and call for someone. He leans down to look into my face but his face is blurry and I can't tell if I know him. He asks if I'm okay. I try to tell him I'm fine but my mouth won't work. I try to nod but the object on my head stops me. He lifts it off me but I still can't nod. What is happening to me? This can't be death; death is painful, surely! I can't feel anything. Everything is black. I can feel hands touching me but I don’t know where or how many. Now nothing, there's nothing left. Is this death I feel?

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