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The last act!
I lay you gently down upon this sacred ground my love
And upon your lips I leave a kiss that holds every memory that I shall miss
These tears that fall upon your cheek but my mana of flesh to cleanse your soul
And my cries of pain a song for a love that shall never be sung again.

Then when night does come the flicker from my fire creates a dance of sorrowful silhouettes
And my mind is taking back to the forest of no regrets where we danced and you said yes
My bride you were the symbolic rope around my hand and lead to a place out of my command
For in your arms I was lost a child never to be found our love so dam profound.

Now the morning calls my name and like the child I hoped my sadness to be a darkened dream
But when I turned I seen you there like the stillness of stone truly despair held you there in frigid air
So one by one I stacked the wood invoking each piece with apart of my soul to guide yours whole
Then with slow steps of tenderness and tears of affliction I take you to your bed of eternal fire.

One last kiss
Three little words
The spark is cast and the fire born
And my heart torn

By Malcolm.E.Wheeldon
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