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Amalya lay in bed staring at the television Mika had rolled in for her. Because she couldn’t see the world herself, she prided on seeing it second hand. Whether it were fake or not, it was the closest thing to reality she had. She felt her bed shake as Mika laughed, realising that she wasn’t really paying attention to the movie.

She continued watching the box, but not really watching. It was close to dawn now, she could smell the sun waiting to set. It was a strange scent the sun, she wished she could get closer to it to get a better smell. She wanted to smell everything and she wanted to interact with normal people, humans.

It was a risk she knew, humans were difficult creatures. But they fascinated her and she wanted to do things that she watched in movies. She wanted to go to restaurants and drink expensive wine with a roast diner, though her body didn’t need food. She wanted to swim in pools and ride what they called cars on the roads. Most of all she wanted to feel the emotion of love. She wanted to kiss and touch a male. She watched in the movies the extent in which people would go to for the person they loved. She didn’t understand the emotion, but the power of it was strong. Something she had never seen in person was a male; it had always been just her and Mika. She just wanted to be free of the room she spent her whole life in.

“You should rest now Amalya,” Mika said, snapping Amalya out of her reverie.

“Is it that time already?” she replied.

“Yeah, I’ll be back in the morning.” Mika jumped off the bed and put her leather coat on and the hat she wore to hide her face.

“Be careful,” Amalya told her, wishing she could go with her.

“Always am,” Mika replied smiling, then she left closing the door behind her.

When the sun set Mika would keep guard outside and go to the city if she needed too. She said it was the quietest time for humans and she always brought something new for Amalya each time. Mika would describe everything in detail to Amalya, to soothe her needs to be outside. It helped her, but made her feel worse also.                                                                                                           

Amalya ran her hands over her wings, loving the feeling. She wondered if she could fly, she supposed that was what wings were made for but never really knew. She only knew they were a good shield, so she had read. She cringed at the remembrance. Legends said that vampires eventually got thrills out of killing Fairmpyres, so much so that they would cut off their wings and keep them as trophies.

She knew one thing was for sure, she never wanted to meet a vampire. It scared her enough having Mika outside at night, when vampires were the strongest. But Mika had told her that she had never seen vampire before, so that comforted Amalya a lot. She would be alone without Mika, less a Ghuardian and less her only friend.

A loud ringing startled Amalya, the cell phone Mika had brought her was ringing. Mika liked to stay modern and Amalya didn’t disagree. She flipped the phone open.


“Hey Amalya, how you going?”

“I am fine. Is everything okay?”

“Everything is okay.” Amalya breathed a silent sigh of relief.

“I was just calling to see if you wanted something, I’ll be picking up some new leathers, did you want a new dress maybe?”

Amalya loved dresses and Mika knew that.

“Yes please!” Amalya said with joy of having something new to smell and wear. Sometimes if she got them fresh enough she could smell the strange foreign scents of the outside world.

“Okay no problem. I’ll get you some more flowers too.”

“Your the best.” Amalya smiled at her phone.

“I know. I’ll see you soon Lya, get some sleep.”

“Bye Mika.” she flipped her phone shut.

Placing the cell back on her bedside table, Amalya turned the television off and rolled onto her side. She couldn’t wait for Mika to get home with new things.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Mika shoved her cell back into her pocket, happy to hear the joy in Amalya’s voice. She loved bringing her things from the outside world, it made her feel better about keeping her cooped up in that room her whole life. Mika wished she could bring her out to see everything, but it was just too dangerous and risky, even though Mika hadn’t seen a vampire in the city, let alone ever.

She continued strolling through the main part of the city of Tulack. The buildings were dim with the night, the only light came from small shop windows and from the stars and moon that shone in the sky. It wasn’t busy on the street, that’s was why she preferred being out at night. Humans were mainly asleep at this time or eating their late diners. The night breeze was chilly, she pulled her hat down further and her collar up.

She loved Amalya, like a sister. There was no doubt in her mind that she would die for the girl. She had been with her since she was born, 19 years ago, the last of her kind. Mika knew the way Fairmpyres were, she knew all about it. But she knew that Amalya wasn’t like them at all, she was pure and the kindest person she had ever met. The poor girl was so pure that she bled to satiate her hunger and magic. Something Mika never liked doing. Every time, everyday that she cut into Amalya, she felt like she was losing part of herself too. But she knew what could happen if she didn’t do it, not even being a strong Ghuardian would keep her alive.

Mika took a turn into a newsagent stand and brought the local paper. She liked to keep up with the human news, she was half one anyway. Being a Ghuardian was good, she was strong and fast like a vampire, but she blended easily with humans. She was bigger than most humans, but other than that she was visually normal.

Mika didn’t have a family, they died long ago. She was brought up in the academy in which she trained to be a Ghuardian. Being assigned to Amalya wasn’t a problem. Of course, at first she didn’t know what she was. Ghuardians are normally assigned to royals or vampires and on the occasion a human, but never a Fairmpyre. Before the war it was different. She was afraid at first, but in years she became trusting. Even to the point that she could trust her life in Amalya’s hands, although that would never be the case.

She turned into a clothes shop to pick up something for Lya. The store was bright and mellow music sounded through the shop speakers. She was greeted by a tired looking woman behind the counter, Mika nodded her way, keeping her head low. She wouldn’t be recognised, but it was just a habit to stay low. 

There were racks of shirts and pants scattered through out the store. Then on the far wall were the dress’s she needed. Amalya was a gorgeous girl, one that made your self esteem drop just being around her. It was a pleasure for Mika to buy pretty things for her. She picked out a red dress, the colour of her favourite roses and chucked it to the register. It was backless of course, because of Lya’s wings -which were still hard to get used to-She hoped it would fit her, Amalya was getting smaller alarmingly fast, Mika knew that it was because of the lack of blood, but Lya refused to drink. Even when Mika had offered, which had not been pretty.

“Have a nice night,” the retailer called as Mika left the store.

Mika didn’t have trouble at night, her vampire instincts helped her see in the dark. She continued down the street towards a store that she could pick up some groceries. A couple of young girls passed her, giggling together with their arms linked. Mika tried to imagine that being her with Amalya. Nothing would please her more, she knew what Lya really wanted and it killed Mika everyday knowing that it just wasn’t possible. Lya would remain the same, for the rest of her life. But she wouldn’t be that way alone, Mika would support her and suffer right alongside her. Amalya didn’t eat anything, but Mika did. She always wondered if Lya was capable of eating, if it might even help her put some weight on. But whenever she insisted on it, Amalya would deny.

When Mika crossed an ally way, she knew before she heard them, that she was being followed. She pulled her hat over her eyes and kept her head down. It wasn’t uncommon for drunken humans to hassle her, she didn’t fear it. She took a sharp turn at the end of the block and stepped into the shadows. Human eyes wouldn’t see her, she was sure. But just in case she juggled the dress bag up her arm and clasped her dagger. The footsteps grew louder and she realised it was more than one set. Two people.

They rounded the corner and she got a clear view of them. They were dressed in heavy clothing. They had long trench coats that fell almost to their feet. One was blonde and huge; he had a cigarette between his lips. The other was nearly as big, brown hair and dark eyes. She sucked in a breath to stay quiet, thankfully they passed her. she was slightly shocked to see humans so big, it wasn’t unusual but just rare. She took a breath of relief and stepped out of the shadows, only to step in front of the same men. Mika was rarely taken off guard, but she jumped a step back.

“Hello,” the blonde one said, his eyes a shocking icy blue. Mika gripped her dagger tighter in her jacket.

“My name is Tate,” he said and held his hand out. Mika narrowed her eyes at the man, not sure how to proceed. Tate let his hand drop and shrugged his shoulders. “You shouldn’t wonder around in the dark like that, never know what might be out there.”  he smirked as he said this, the other man took a step closer to her.

“I think she does know,” he said in a hard tone, his dark eyes suspicious. There was an air of malice to him that made Mika grip her dagger tighter.

Mika took the opportunity to leave, stepping around the men cautiously. A shot of breeze ran through her hair and blew her hat off her head. The brown haired one grabbed her shoulders and threw her into an alley wall. He put his leg between her legs to stop her from moving. But Mika wasn’t about to be manhandled by humans, so she lunged for his groin and hit him where it hurts. He grunted and let her loose. She about to run when the street lamp flared, lighting the face of the blonde man. Her eyes widened and she took an involuntary step back. He appeared to be bigger, well over six foot. His skin was pale and smooth as stone. He casually drew in on his cigarette, and then dropped it to the ground. When he looked up, he flicked his sandy blonde hair out of his eyes and smiled.

Revealing a set of fangs.

“Your a vampire,” Mika said her thoughts out loud, she automatically unsheathed her dagger, her bones protesting at her strong grip on the hilt.

“And your a Ghuardian,” Tate said stepping closer towards her, she raised her blade in warning. Which only made him laugh; her heart was hammering in her chest. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Put that away before you hurt yourself,” the brown haired one said behind her. She lunged her hand backwards and caught the vampire behind her in the ribs with her dagger.

“You bitch!” He cried out in pain but wrapped his arms around her neck. She struggled against his hold, forgetting how strong vampires really were.

“Let her go Luca,” Tate said a foot from Mika now. He kept coming until he was inches from her face. Fear had her paralysed, she wanted to run but she couldn’t.

Tate leant in close and she could feel him smelling her. His chest rumbled with a growl in response. She knew then that her life was over; he would smell Amalya on her. “Bingo!” he cheered, proving Mika right. He pulled something out of his jacket and raised his hand so fast that Mika couldn’t dodge what happened next, she felt her skull crack and blood racing out of her head and then she was swallowed by darkness.

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