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Just a paper I had to do for my eighth grade English class.
Priceless Occasion

Life has those wonderful and exasperating moments, that may seem like they come once in a life time, but in my mind, I believe that just adds to the exciting and admirable experience. Tradition is what gives this world its color. In my family household, Thanksgiving is truly an event that makes me feel incredibly delighted to be alive. The most exciting part of the whole occasion is tasting the beautifully prepared and presented dinner. Throughout the night, I take in the laughter of family members, and clanging of plates, dishes, and silverware. The aromas of all the delicious foods almost blend together to form what seems like my very own chunk of heaven. As we all gather around the beautifully set table, the sparkling chandelier makes the dishes seem almost glistening, and not to mention that I can practically taste the collage of sliced pumpkin bread, succulent stuffing, and moist turkey, served piping hot, just waiting for me to dig in and stuff my mouth with this wonderful feast. As we finally sit down at the beautiful table, I take a moment to absorb all of the blessings that were placed in front of me. I take a bit of everything in the jumble of dishes, and slowly enjoy the first bite of turkey soaked in gravy. The moist turkey seems to melt on my tongue. Explosions of flavor take over my mouth, making me forget everything in my surroundings. The family, sounds, and sights, all vanished as I thoroughly enjoyed the first bite of a truly breathtaking dinner. Just looking at the meal that was upon me made me wish for a feast as wonderful as this every night of my life. The next thing I knew, my fork was heading for the sweet potatoes, filled with gooey marshmallows that add to the already delicious meal. Pumpkin bread fills my mouth with flavors that I never thought I would taste. It feels as if a fresh pumpkin picked just moments ago was put into the delicious recipe that was in my mouth. I took the next moment to wash down all of the flavors with a refreshing drink of sparkling cider placed in a decorative glass designed with an astonishing etched art work. Never in my life had I experienced such a fantastic dinner. Thoughts of the meal stayed with me the entire evening. I understood that I would have to wait until next Thanksgiving to appreciate this amazing feast again.
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