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This is my very first attempt at implied emotion. Critique away ;)
        “Ha ha ha ha ha!”, Jacob’s laughter made it all too clear . I jetted back to the kitchen to see Jacob laughing uncontrollably. I had a sick feeling like I was this small little mouse. I grabbed the chair nearest me. Somehow the sturdy wood gave me confidence. Jacob had to know I wasn’t completely dumb, “Oh yeah, real clever, you got me” He just kept laughing. Who does he think he is? I deserve some respect! “Come on, the jokes over” He was laughing so hard, I started to wonder if he was even my friend at all. My eyes squinted as the air around me become warm. I felt charged with a power of right and purpose. “That’s enough!” I yelled sternly.  Jacob was laughing so much, he dropped to the floor,” I can’t believe you fell for that!” I could feel the solidness of the chair as my hand tightened its grip. This had to stop! I felt my body move towards him as if a force was pushing me. My lunges filled tightly with air.  He was no friend of mine,” Get up!” His laughter faded, but his smirk remained,” You are such a sore loser”. Those words finalized our fate. I reached down and pulled him up by his shirt and punched him hard as I could, “is this funny!” Nothing could stop me now. I felt like the very air was energy. I was right and just, “apologize now punk!” He looked at me with fear as he moved his arm to block a second punch,” It was only a joke”. He checked his nose for blood. I let go his shirt with a shove, and watched him fall to the ground. I pointed to the door, “Get out!” He crawled to his feet while racing for the back door, “You’re the punk!” The cold air breezed in from the opened door. It had no effect on me. It knew I was not a mere mouse. Jacob would think twice before belittling me again.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1653876-The-stand-1st-attempt---emotion