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This is my very first attempt at effective location details.
          We lived in an old neighborhood, but the houses didn’t look run down. Our street led to the main road. Our place is three houses away from that main road. Jamey lives across the street in the house with blue trim. Most of the houses are brick and the blue sets hers off nicely. The backyards are bigger than the front yards with the small driveways. Looking off my back porch, I can see everyone’s backyard on my block. The cars are not the newest, but they are nice looking. Yep, this is a little slice of piece in a chaotic world. The people are real nice. There goes Mr. Forester getting his morning news paper,”Hay, Mr. Forester.” You see that? He stopped dead in his tracks to come over and talk to me, “How are you doing boy? I hear you’re looking for yard work around the neighborhood”. “Yeah, I need to earn some extra cash. My friends and I want to sign up for the paintball tournament. The grand price is XC Jr. Motorcycle! Entry fees are $20 each.” He ruffled my hair and smiled at me,” You stay out of trouble. I’m almost done clearing out my garage. I want to have a yard sale this weekend. Manage the yard sale for me and you can have 50%.” I was excited. That would be easy money! The sun is close to setting. The street lights are far apart. There isn’t enough light after sunset to do much of anything outside.  This is Thursday. The fresh smelling air was ripe with leafy greenness from the plush, but scattered trees and thick grass throughout my neighborhood. This is a fantastic summer, and I still have a whole day to make a couple bucks cutting grass or something.
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