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Winter gives way to spring.
Winter's cold grip is broken
finally by the sunny warmth
of spring's earliest days.
The earth rejoices!

Brown lawns become tinted
with green – mostly weeds,
but new grass will come
close behind.

The Bradford pear trees shed
their winter-bareness
with an outburst of delicate,
white blossoms ... such beauty.

The tulip trees are ablaze
with hundreds of pink blossoms,
creating a tree-borne field
of gorgeous tulips in the air.

Everywhere plants of every
description are displaying
new growth in celebration
of the end of winter's reign.

Squirrels chase one another
in amorous foreplay, while
birds gather the makings
of a nest, soon to be egg-filled.

Oh, how primitive Man must
have been gladdened by early
spring days, for they meant he'd
survived the meanness of winter.

Spring signals the renewal
of nature's bounty, a return
of comfort and plenty. As spring
brightens Man's outside world,

it makes his spirit soar above
winter's depression. Springtime
strikes a chord of hope within Man,
hope born of eons of life's renewals.

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