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My take on friendship
We all have our concepts of what friendship is. We all would like to believe that it is this wonderful benevolent relationship that we share with another human being, that bring everyone so much joy. I in fact think very differently about the the matter.

Lets examine the what makes up a friendship to begin with. Two or more people who decide to exert time, money, emotions, and sacrifices physical or non-physical made for another being. Keep in mind a friendship does not have to be between two human beings, it could be between anything that we find an attachment two, as seen in castaway where the main character befriended a half deflated beach ball known as "Wilson".

Now what creates a friendship I think is the most interesting thing of all. Its actually a give and take relationship but not in the aspect as you may think. You see all of our friends have something to offer us. Otherwise we would have nothing do with them. We can pretend that its because we believe they are good people or because they are nice but in truth we realize they fill a need or want in our lives. If that was not the case we could just take any random person in the street and befriend them. We all know that is not very likely because they may not have what we want. This person you befriend may provide you with something whether it be an emotional or physical need or want being met.
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