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by Nicole
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Why did God give us free will at all?
God created the Earth and the universe and all the laws contained within it. He is supposed to be all-knowing, all-good and all- powerful.

He gave us free will, a choice to accept him or not.

Why did he give us the choice, if no sane person wants to burn forever in Hell? Why not give us the capability to commit no sin and to choose to believe and worship him?

If it is because you cannot force a person to do anything, because force is wrong, why couldn't God have created force as something that is okay in certain instances, like when it comes to believing in him?

If he could not do this because any kind of force is wrong, well, He made the rules why can't he change or alter them? Unless before he began creating, force was ALREADY considered wrong, but how can that be if laws, earth, morals etc did not exist until God created them? Unless he is not all-powerful or all-good or all-knowing?
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