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Interactions with the Galveston County Judges
                                                          Galveston County “Impartial” Judges

What does “impartial” mean when it is used in context with “Judge”?  One would think that it means the judge hears all the evidence from both sides, reviews the state or federal laws concerning the case and renders a judgment based on the facts.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  What would happen in our court system IF that were REALLY the way Judges worked?  The courts would have fewer lawsuits, the guilty would be punished and the wronged would be justified. 

But – alas – it DOES NOT happen that way.  Judges are elected or appointed and what matters is whether or not it is an election year and what the judges’ political views are at that given time.  The judge sits in control of the situation before the court; all political, personal and biased beliefs and/or feelings are supposed to be left in the judges’ chamber and not brought into the courtroom.

Fanciful thinking – that is what would happen in a perfect world.

It has been my experience that the Galveston County judges do not render judgments in this manner.  To be perfectly honest – I do not know what guidelines the judges use to make their decisions.  “Preponderance of the Evidence” (if you are allowed to present evidence) does not seem to hold much weight with some of the judges that sit on the bench in Galveston County.  Maybe judges should have to spend some time in lives of the people involved to see the results of their decisions on the innocent. 

This is not to say that judges are totally at fault here – the laws are also at fault – the laws that allow deadbeat parents to not be accountable for the children they bring into this world.  The laws that put more burdens on the already overburdened tax payer.  It is the taxpayer, under the guise of social programs that have to bear the responsibility of those children. 

In the courtroom, the one who wants the other party held accountable for their actions and deeds are seen as overbearing, stubborn and uncaring.  They are made to feel guilty because they want accountability; they want the person(s) held accountable for their own actions and inaction concerning their children.

What do I hope to gain by this – I don’t know – maybe truly impartial judges?  I can’t be more specific because we are going to have to appear again before some of these very same judges in the future and we cannot prejudice our case further – the life of a sweet innocent child depends on whether or not the judges can be impartial in their judgments.
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