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Practiced lovers trying something new and character sketchs of first time lovers.
S1A3: Part one: Vinnette of practiced lovers.
Part two: Character sketches of inhibitions and compulsions of first time lovers.

WC 692

The Motel.

Herbert and Cassie are on a trip with their two daughters. They have stopped at a Motel. They have put the girls down for the night on one of the double beds. Cassie is taking a shower when Herbert enters the bathroom.

"I've been thinking about you all day." Herb says wistfully. Seeing her outline behind the opaque glass and amid the rising steam, is almost more than he can bear.

"Well, you'll just have to wait," Cassie replies, "There's no way we're doing it tonight."

The door slides open and Herb enters the shower. "Oh my goodness," she thinks. "He's really worked up."

He embraces from behind and she feels the evidence. A hand goes to her breast while the other picks up the soap.

"We can't do it here, Honey." she pleads. "You're just getting lathered over nothing."

He slips the bar between her thighs and she spreads her legs. The hot water splashes, running down their skin. His hands are soapy. One begins to rub her soft folds while the other excites her breast.

She groans..."No, please, I wish we could, but this is not the time or place."

"Don't be so sure." he answers as water cascades from the nozzle.

Dropping to his knees he turns her hips. Pulling closer, he spreads maternal lips, unleashing his tongue.

"Oh god! " she gasps, "that feels so good..."

He finds the fruit. It hangs like a soft grape. Soaping his fingers he slips one inside the fold.

"Please Herbe!, don't do this. Don't make me excited for nothing."

He continues paying no attention. Then he stands, kissing her.

"Your turn," he whispers.

The water rushes and steam rises.

She goes down and takes him. He shudders, as she pulls vacuum and teases the tip. "Sweet Jesus," he groans. She takes the shaft and continues working the tip. When he can stand it no longer, he reaches beneath her arms, pulling up. The water continues pouring over their bodies...

"I'm sorry," she says, "I didn't mean to get you so excited. Maybe I need to get out."

"No," he answers, "What we started, we're going to finish."

"I'm not doing it out by the kids," she says emphatically.

"I was thinking more about right here."

"How do we do that...there's no room?"

"Face to face and toe to toe," he answers.

"Cassie thinks about it for a moment. She is feeling very sensual if not downright bothered. However, her husband is over six feet tall and she is five foot two.

He slides the stall door open and leaves the water running full blast. "Get up on the commode," he tells her.

"What...?" and then it dawns...

He takes her hand and she steps up onto the seat. "Put your hands on my shoulders," he instructs.

She takes hold. They were broad and powerful.

He steps closer and with one hand spreads the feminine opening, while with the other, guides his staff through the portal. It slips easily inside and extends, reaching out to the deepest parts of her body. With his hands on her hips he begins to stroke.

She responds, with the intercourse of a woman, long practiced in serving her husband. As he pushes, she arches up and as he withdraws, she awaits his return. The tempo begins building, as they go faster and faster. Like waves upon a beach he crests as she breaks on every thrust. He gasps.

"Hush! Hush!" she implores, over the sound of rushing water and amid the rising vapor. She squirms and twists with an urgency that matches his own.

Suddenly she throws her head back, tensing. Her body trembles and from the tips of her toes an orgasm races through her body. Biting her lip, she shudders, wracked by spasms of uncontrolled surrender.

Close behind, comes his own release. His organ swells and begins splaying back and forth, filling her womb with the hot spit of creation.

They embrace in a crush of chest and breast. Slowly the passion subsides. He lifts her down.

"Wow!" she says... That was good."

He sighs.. "I needed you big time."

WC 692

Part 2

Character Sketch of Guiles and Martha, examining what compels and inhibits them from having intercourse for the first time... five minutes before they connect.

Guiles is afraid of doing something in the bedroom that will make him look inept. He can't bear the thought of Martha laughing at him. He wants her to take him seriously and is afraid she won't. If Martha leaves him, it will be another dark chapter in the saga of his social ineptitude. Further he is inexperienced and given his track record with failed social connections, feels he is being set up for failure. The physical aspects of the act make him nervours. If he had any sense, he tells himself, he would turn and run the other way.

He is compelled by a physical attraction and is falling in love with Martha. He realizes that sex is a part of the ritual and if he doesn't get past it, there will be no long term relationship. She is the perfect woman, the one he has always dreamed about. He loves just being around her and the prospect of an intimate setting is more than he can resist. There is a brief window of opportunity that he wants to take advantage of it, despite the risks. "Shucks," he thinks, "no guts no glory."

Martha is a beautiful athletically inclined twenty-six year old female. She too is inexperienced and is focused on the mechanics of the physical connection. She is not particularly afraid about the act itself, but sees sex as the possible first step in a relationship, leading towards male domination. She wants to make sure she stays in charge and in control.

She is driven by a strong physical need as well as compelled by destiny. Her attraction to Guiles is overwhelming at the emotional, and physiological level. She sees Guiles as the perfect match, and the only man she ever bested at arms who was not threatened, sullen and resentful. If she can control him she can have the best of both worlds...her life and the man she loves.

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