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A fanfiction of Cloak and Dagger, Marvel Comics. I don't own anything.
A Cloak and Dagger FanFiction

Love Attracts All

Ty Johnson was sitting down, waiting for the sun to finally set. He had never really been on for daylight, it always made his skin crawl, and showed off his great height and dark skin. Though he was not a dangerous person, many people in this strange city would see his great frame, and would unconsciously walk away from him, their eyes always watching, always accusing him, accosting him. Those eyes were always staring at him. Then, he saw her. A sweet young girl, blonde, with a spunky bit of blonde and shock pink hair. Her bag was swinging easily from her shoulder, a look of confidence on her face. She looked like such an easy target. He could have gotten up. He could have easily taken it from her, she'd run simply at his height. Never mind how much stronger he was than her. Standing, she probably could hit her shoulder with her hand, but he could pick her up and move her easily. She was such an easy target. In fact, she looked like she was about to be picked by another guy.

         "Ex-ex-excuse m-m-m-e, Miss?" Ty was suddenly standing, next to the girl, and he looked down into her bright blue eyes. She looked so vulnerable for a brief second, taking in his great stature. "You-you-you neeed-eed so-o-o-ome help?" He moved his head slightly, to indicate that something was behind her. She glanced over her shoulder, and into the group eyes of four young men, all staring at her, salivating. "May-may-may I-I-I w-w-w-walk you ho-o-o-o-me?"

         Tandy had no idea who this guy was, but his stutter was cute, and his large chocolate eyes looked warm. She did glance over her shoulder, and the four pairs of eyes looking back at her were menacing, and she startled. Having never been by herself in New York City, Tandy didn't know about the gangs and thugs, the drug dealers, and coke heads. This boy, for his height hid his age well, looked, if anything, more street smart than herself, and something about him really drew her attention. She decided to trust him, and smiled up at him. "Sure, you can walk me home. I'm just a little lost. What is your name?" He gallantly held his arm out to her, and she stepped up to him, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear in a fit of shyness.

         "Ty." he said simply, suddenly holding this tiny girl's arm with the best protection he could. She was so small, so easy a target, he knew that if he didn't stand his ground with her, she would be killed, or worse, in a matter of minutes. He looked over at the thugs again, but they didn't make a move toward him. Ty may have a speech disorder, but he was still a very strong and formidable foe. "Well, I'm Tandy." She replied, and he nodded silently.


         Speaking was always difficult for Ty, ever since he was a small child, he couldn't get his words out slow enough, his brain jumping from point to point, his mouth struggling to keep up. Though he tried everything, his family was poor, and didn't have any resources. Ty took to being silent, helping as best he could around the house to ease his mother's burden with his four brothers and one sister. His dad worked hard, putting in more than 70 hours a week at the local factory, but it never seemed to be enough to raise a family of eight. Food was scarce, and sometimes they went without electricity, so Ty could not afford to get speech therapy.

         He found himself in New York because of an accident. His sister, Tamara, and his best friend Issac were walking with Ty back home from the grocery store late one night, laughing and playing around on the deserted highway stretch. Issac was nearest to the curb, and would randomly hop off and skip across the pavement before jumping back to safety. Issac and Tamara were flirting, which didn't bother Ty, because Issac was a good, drug free guy who could raise a family, should the need arise. He was lithe, a thin swimmer's body, his eyes large and inviting, with a quick grin and vocal hands. He and Ty had been best friends since elementary school, when he yelled at the other kids on the play ground for making fun of Ty's stutter. Issac spoke enough for the both of them, and Ty was content to be the muscles of the group, though he was plenty intelligent himself.
         On that day, Tamara was laughing as Issac made a joke to her, which involved her pushing him into the street. Ty, ever watchful, saw that a black car was coming up fast, and he moved to pull Issac back onto the curb. Issac, being playful, simply skipped back from Ty's hand. "Now Ty, what have I told you about being needy! Wait your turn, brother, for I'm sure that--" "III-ssac! C-c-c-c-car!" But then, it was too late. The car smashed directly into Issac, taking him with it another hundred yards or so, before his body slid under it , and it flew over him, crunching noises from where it landed on bone. Ty and Tamara ran to Issac's bleeding body, screaming and yelling, but he didn't move. Issac lay still, a faint smile still on his face, his legs snapped at terrible angles. The car never stopped in it's tracks, but kept going, never even looking back to see if it had killed the boy. Ty watched it go, memorizing the license plate number before the angry red lights faded away. "ISSAC!! ISSAC!! ISSAC!!" Tamara was screaming and crying, cradling his body to her chest, howling at the moon above. "ISSAC!!" For Issac was dead, hit by a driver who didn't even stop.

         Ty stared down at the scene for several minutes, staring at a loaf of bread sitting on the road from the bag of groceries Issac had been carrying, before Tamara looked back at him. "IT'S YOUR FAULT!" She screamed at him, her eyes white and wild, her hair and clothes streaked with Issac's drying blood. "YOUR FAULT! YOU DID THIS! YOU KILLED ISSAC! GODDAMMIT, WHY CAN'T YOU SPEAK?!?!" Trying to rise without letting Issac go, Tamara stood before Ty, her body doused in blood, still screaming, now moans of pain that had no voice. "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! LEAVE NOW!!" And, still keening and wailing, Tamara slumped down, holding Issac to her, wracked with pain and agony.

         And Ty ran. He ran as fast as he could, no money in his pocket, no tears in his eyes, still in shock from that terrible scene. He had no idea where he was going, but Tamara's voice was still wringing in his ears. "WHY CAN'T YOU SPEAK!?!?" And Ty had no answer for her question.

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