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Megan meets some more of her friends back in the past.
Gretchen and Angel came over and Megan and Jennifer told Jane and the Austens that they would see them later. Mr. Austen let Megan and Jennifer use his carriage. The women got loaded up in thr carriage.

"Mr. Austen and I made up. He and I cooked breakfast and I told him about Damon. He thinks I am a nice woman after all. It is hard to tell someone you come from the present." Megan straightened the hat on her head and then she pricked her finger on the hat pin.

Angel gave Megan a handkerchief. "Living in the past is so different from home. I miss my shower and good food."

"I miss movies on DVD and massages." Gretchen sighed.

"I don't miss my two jobs. I don't miss paying bills. I think I could stay here forever." Jennifer moved around her seat. "I do hate wearing dresses! Give me my jeans and my hoodies!"

The women laughed. Megan's finger felt better after pricking her finger.

The carriage made it to Vicki and Bill's. The women got out and Vicki hugged them and gave them some tea.

TEA! OH JOY! Jennifer and Megan had the same thoughts.

"Vicki, how did you and Bill get back to the past?" Megan asked.

"Bill and I was looking at a book about England and turned to the page about Jane Austen. It thundered, the ground shook and there was a flash of light and Bill, Muffy, our kitty and I ended up at this house. The house is deserted and I guess we are supposed to be here. The people next door called me Florence. They are so nice. Susie and Howie."

"Susie and Howie?" Megan was puzzled.

"Susie and Howie. Do you know them, Megan?" Vicki asked softly.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

Bill answered it. It was Susie and Howie.Bill invited them in and Susie and Howie entered the parlor. Megan gasped. It was her friends Susie and Howie. They were her on line friends but she had seen their pictures that Susie sent.

Susie went up to Megan and hugged her. "I knew you were here. It is so nice to meet face to face. Howie hugged Megan, too and Megan introduced them to Gretchen, Angel and Jennifer.

"How did you get here?" Megan asked Susie and Howie.

"We had a mean gypsy put a curse on us. I was nice to her children and tried to teach them and be friends with them. We have the curse of living forever and will be around for ever. The Susie and Howie you know in your time, well that is us. It is neat living different lives."

Megan nodded. "I have always wanted to live for centuries. Are you sure you aren't vampires?"

Jennifer laughed. "Megan, you wish! You would love to be a vampire!"

Susie smiled. "No, we are humans. Howie and I get to live forever."

Howie smiled. "We meet Bonnie and Clyde later on and your friend John Dillinger."

"John Dillinger hung out at a house next to my great grandparents. They just waved and he did, too and tipped his hat when ever he drove by." Megan smiled.

"Does anyone know how we can go home to 2010?" Gretchen asked.

"I found some books in the attic. There are books about going to the future." Vicki said.

"WHERE ARE THEY? Gretchen, Angel, Megan and Jennifer said at once.

Vicki laughed. "I will get them. I would like to go home, too."

"You get used to the past and each life there after. The woman who lived here, her name was Florence. I called Vicki Florence because Vicki looks like Florence and the people in the village don't know the difference. The real Florence ran of fwith pirates." Susie and Howie were experts on the history of the town.

My kind of woman! Lucky her!" laughed Megan.

"I would think you would want to live in the past. I know that is your thing and your fantasy." Susie said.

"It is but I miss my husband, cat and everyone. If my family and friends could live here with me, well I would want to stay forever." Megan looked sad.

Vicki showed up with four books. "Alright. We have this book that says you have to dance naked in the moonlight and chant." Everyone started laughing. "This one says you could go the future having a seance. Since you ladies got here this way, this sounds like the key to gloing back."

"Can I have this book? I want to go back but I want to be sure I know what I am doing and I still want to ask Jane some questions. I am not ready to leave, yet." Megan was all excited.

"Sure, you can have it." Just then Muffy, a pretty calico cat jumped on Vicki from the cabinet. Vicki handed the book to Megan and the ladies took turns petting Muffy.

Megan couldn't wait to read the book about seances and going to the future. She hoped this book would tell them how to go home.
Another Jane Austen Painting by best friend Angel.
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