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by Rose
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Thoughts after my aspargus bed was planted.
Digging up a small plot,

disturbing the soul of the earth.

Not thinking about the creatures there,

nor thinking about their worth.

This asparagus needs planting,

my tunnel vision informs.

Digging through the sod,

the ants are there in swarms.

Can't simply stop the progress

for one small ant hill.

Can't worry about the worms

I might accidently kill.

It wasn't until I finished

that I really thought too hard.

What was I disturbing?

About what's in my yard.

Morning time I love,

the chirping of the birds.

In spring I admire my peonies,

their beauty is beyond words.

With my thoughtless digging,

I have forsaken that bird's early meal.

Without that ant's blessing,

my peony's petals may never peel.

That poor sod has been broken.

Ripped from its poor roots.

For what? For Why?

The reason?

The asparagus' tasty shoots.

So thank you ant, worm, bird and sod

so sorry you were disturbed.

Humbly, I will enjoy my side dish,

In your honor, my hunger will be curbed.
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