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this is only for people who have the same fetishes like me
Once upon a time there was a wolf living with his wife in the woods in a house.

It was once again thanksgiving time and the male wolf wanted to impose his wife with showing that he can be a BIG bad wolf.

So he was breaking into a slaughtery at the night before thanksgiving and stole 20 turkeys, which he carried home onto a wheelwaggon, and hid em somewhere secretly in the back of their house.

Then he was crawling into his bed and slept till the morning - his wife did not notice anything about it.

The next day he told his wife he had a gift for her, which fits to thanksgiving, wifey said she had something for him too - "and because I love you so much I`m going to show you first" said his wife - in the living room above the eating table was a shelf installed at the ceiling - the past night she had "installed" a barrel on there with hose and a tap on it from where he, according to her words, could get his beer without needing to stand up so often.

He hugged his wife deeply and kissed her - "and now to my gift for you, hun"

they went outside and he pulled the wheel waggon out and showed her the turkeys - "I stole them all - for us for thanksgiving" - though his wife was not really impressed...but a little bit embarrassed "we should eat them up quickly so that no one can find out it was you.. but.... you actually know that I do not really like turkey - but thank you, my wolfie" she kissed him on the cheek "- but that means you must eat them all alone - will you manage that?" the wolf answered "Haha! of course I can, because I`m a big bad wolf!", his wife only giggled and went inside.

So sat down and the wolf ate them up, all 20.

"Urrp, that was a meal", he was caressing his big gut, stood up (which was already kind of difficult for him), he looked down himself and noticed that he could not even see his feet anymore, but he could still completely embrace his belly.

"uff, now I`m really stuffed, I really need to drink something now"

he toddled inside, onto his chair into the living room, put his feet onto the table, moved his toes and grabbed the hose - just in that moment his wife came to the table and was a little embarrassly shocked "wow have you become big!"

"Urh don`t worry! Come over here, honey!"

His wife sat onto him hugging his gut, the wolf put the hose into his muzzle and said "as long as I can hold your hands and we can hug my belly, I`m not fat."

With that he wanted to open the tap but broke it so the beer washed down uncontrolled into his belly.

his wife was not immediately noticing it since she had pressed her head onto his gut and had her eyes closed and was holding his hands

she only noticed that suddenly his gut got bigger and bigger, but before she was able to do something the barrel was empty - and from a full handholding was just a touch of fingertips left.

his wife put the hose out of his mouth and the wolf burped hardly and hiccuped.

His wife went off him and told him "but NOW you are fat!"
he was smiling, and caressing her cheek and told her "phfss massash ma feet, hick!"

She looked down at him and noticed his feet had almost become as huge as his gut in height and they were also smelling as much.

The wolf moved his toes and hiccuped, and noticed that he was smelling his own feet - the smell though was kind of like popcorn - "hmmm" his wife went down and crawled and literally worshipped his feet - the wolf lalled something like "yes like that!"

his wife got somehow excited by that - she took his big toe into her muzzle while he was moving it.

"This feels kind of great!" she thought "I've never sucked on wolftoes, teehee"

She then kissed the sole of his left paw and the wolf crawled his toes down that his claws massaged her head.

"rawr! uh I love your feet and I love your huge gut and I love you, my husband!"
his wife went on to him again and hugged his belly again, their fingertips touching

The wolf hiccuped and lalled something like "ah luvsha sooo; hick!"

and so the wolf and his wife fell asleep.
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