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A story about a young man turned super-powered fox. Please read the rest of the story!
July 5, 2010

The reinforcements arrived today.  They arrived in droves.  I actually couldn't believe how many arrived.  There had to have been at least five hundred soldiers coming my way.  They jumped out of airplanes and parachuted to the ground.  I guessed that they had gotten reports of an incredibly "hostile" being and they weren't about to let it go, even if it meant overkill.

         As they landed, I paused for a moment.  They were seriously sending THIS many out for ONE person?  I had to commend them.  They weren't taking any chances.  But, it was foolish to send so many when it didn't even matter anyway.

         I slowly began to focus my energy.  I was going to show them all one of my ultimate attacks.  They should be grateful, I thought, that they aren't going to die, but the fact that they even tried to face me was idiotic.

         They landed, one after another, and immediately began shooting at me.  However, the energy I was concentrating deflected the bullets and the bullets simply landed at my feet.  I focused more and more, all of my energy swirling around me now, glowing blue, brighter and brighter...until it glowed so bright I swore it could be seen in space.  I closed my eyes to avoid looking at it and it STILL hurt my eyes.

         I thrust my arms to the side and released my energy.  It shot out all around me in a dome shape, as if I was the epicenter of a giant energy explosion.  The energy shot out quickly, and every single soldier that it touched crumpled to the ground.  It spread faster and faster, stopping at the furthest soldier (as I had controlled it to do so), and then it shot back just as quickly into me.

         I had just defeated five hundred people in five seconds.

         I walked away calmly, a little weak from what I had just done.  I knew the world knew who I was now.  The next step was easy- I had to state my mission to the world.  The internet was the easiest way to do it.  I was sure everyone would watch my video, and the world would know who its savior was.
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