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I am just an illusion, a mirage, a shadow. The real me is my soul.
I AM AN ILLUSION: award winner

I am just an illusion,
A mirage, a shadow.
I am a pendulum that
Oscillates to and fro.

I have no direction or
A goal or ambition.
I am like a song unsung
That has no rendition.

I am sultry wind that is
Devoid of cooling rain.
I am a transaction that
Does not bring a bargain.

I am a bud whose petals
Are devoured by the thorns.
I am a calf that has been
Battered by rugged horns.

I am a zero that does
Not have any value.
I am a cause of action,
But none is there to sue.

I am just a passing show,
I’ll live but a moment.
Of my eternal journey,
This life, is a fragment.

I am yet a half baked soul,
One day I’ll go to Him.
Till then in this vast ocean,
By His grace, I shall swim.

• Written in abcb, 7-6-7-6 format.

• Winner in the Poetic Paradise Daily Challenge, "Invalid Item
• Initially written as entry 419692 in the book FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL, {item: 959448}. Posted as the present item on 10 May 2010.

M C Gupta
15 April 2006
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