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A love that could never be fufulled.
         The gun shot echoed throughout the building, allowing all to hear.  There was an audible silence as all around me froze, alarmed and confused at the loud noise.  My mortal enemy, Harry, looked down at the bloodstain on his shirt.  He was bewildered at what had just occurred – why would anyone want to shoot him, the hero of our small country? The reason should’ve been something I forgave long ago, years before he became an important figure in our society.  But I couldn’t forgive him – he who had stole my lifeblood, the love of my life.
         It started where we were children, really.  She had always liked him more than me – the strong, more reliable of the brothers.  Us three used to go adventuring in the woods together, finding streams to jump in or caves to explore.  Soon, though, I became a nuisance.  They began to exclude me, leaving me behind at the house – because I couldn’t keep up with them, they said! I knew what was really going on, though.  They wanted time to spend alone, away from the scrutinizing eyes of our families.  She knew I liked her; I said as much.  That’s why I think they didn’t allow me to go, really – they didn’t want me getting mad or jealous, telling our parents what was happening.
         I thought nothing of it, really.  Sure, I was a bit jealous, but that’s all – at the time, I thought it was just a phase that would soon end.  And yet, years later, I was proved wrong – they decided to get married.  I became furious, but didn’t allow it to show – instead, I congratulated them sincerely, or so they though.  I know I shouldn’t have been angry at them; they loved each-other, so shouldn’t I be happy for them?  Well, I would’ve been if my brother hadn’t been so boastful about it.  He knew I loved her, too, and took any opportunity to throw their marriage in my face.  The small flame that was almost burned out became fanned any time I met with my brother, to the point of a roaring fire ready to burst out.  I knew what I had to do, but couldn’t – I loved my brother too much.
         Even so, I didn’t have the chance to – after the ceremony, my brother was drafted into King Midas’ army, and left for war against Hamlen.  He left his new wife behind, pushing the responsibility for her welfare onto me.  I didn’t object to that, hoping that she would lose her love for my brother and transfer it to me, but I knew my hopes were in vain – she would do no such thing.  It was three long years before my brother returned – a hero, rescuing the king from the opponents blade.  There was a parade and a day named after him – a lowly farmer boy now a national hero.  I was fine with that – happy, even.  The thing that caused me to do what I did happened a few days after his return.  When I heard the door open, I knew it was him – home, to claim what he had left behind.  She ran straight into his arms, like he hadn’t been gone for three years and didn’t leave her behind for glory and pride.  It disgusted me that she cared not about him leaving her, happily returning to him at a moments notice.  It was that which steeled my resolve.  I gathered all I owned and traded it for a single pistol – enough to kill a man.  I waited for the most opportune moment, and I was granted just that when I heard about the ball that was being thrown for my exalted brother.  I gathered my courage and asked for an invitation, which was readily given to me.  I bided my time and hid my emotions until the fateful moment in time.
         We return to the present, just before the final moments of the bright flame – strong, proud, loved, about to be blown out permanently.  I marked the spot where I was going to aim – straight at his heart.  I will tear his apart, as he did mine.  I took my aim, steady as a rock, and pulled the trigger, Death coming from the seemingly small tool in my hand.  Death had hit it’s mark, blood visibly pouring out of my brother’s chest.  I smiled as I noticed the gaze of the people on me.  I had accomplished my goal, and had nothing more to live for.  Continuing my smile, I slowly raised the gun to my own head.  I switched my gaze onto my only love, amused and saddened by the confused look on her face.  I worded ‘I love you,’ hoping she would notice.  I noticed a small tear run from her eyes as I pulled the trigger of eternal slumber. 
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