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by Erel
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The story of Lloydsy, throught letters mostly, trying to fight the Eternal Leader.

This is the first letter in a series, following Lloydsy and his brother Millsy, when they have to go underground to save the world from The Eternal Leader...

June 9 2010

         Dear president,

I hope that you have been receiving my letters, and I still hope that you will respond. Your silence up until now has been anything but easy to deal with, and only give me more reasons to keep writing to you. Earlier today I went to the marketplace, and listened to the mayor’s annual speech on our national day and I was emotionally touched very deep. Right after the speech I rushed home with my brother, whom I had brought with me, to write this letter to you, with a clear message for mercy, advise and your eternal help!

  Dark forces are approaching and I fear that I’ll be forced to go underground, in a not so distant future, with my brother. You will suffer immensely for the sake of your people, I can imagine, more than you already have.

The world have changed so much during these last few months, you are painfully aware of this fact. I know you are! The culmination being when we lost the Karalee to the ocean. You did the right thing by declaring an official mourning day throughout the country, even though I thought you’d loose your head in the process. The Eternal Leaders punishment would not have been merciful, considering what you did for the sake of your homelands best. Ever since The Eternal Leaders military revolution, which put him in power, the world as we know it has been lost.

  Every good nation and every good leader has been lost, never to return. You are different, though, mrs President, you are a woman. The Eternal Leader will think twice before doing anything like that to you. This is why I’m asking for your help. Besides… you are my official leader and I’ve sworn an oath to you and my country, which I intend to keep until the bitter end! Should it be revealed that I’ve asked this of you, the punishments will be given right away, and they will be severe and ruthless!

You are the only one that I can trust in this situation, you are the only one who can help me in finding what I’m looking for. No one knows for certain what it is, exactly, that I am looking for and even I’m not certain that what I’m searching for really exists. As you know, the world changed drastically after the Eternal War and a myth of a land spared of our pain, has emerged.

  A land spared of our degeneration and decay! A land, or rather a group of islands, living in symbiosis with nature and who accepts refugees from all over the world. They are responsible for the secret resistance and leads the official resistance groups. Black Hawk Islands of the Enemies, these islands have been named by the Eternal Leader. Rumours and whispers in the streets and our cousin are to be found there, on these islands and that my brother is their leader.


  My prayer to you is as follows: Help me get to these islands! Help me finding out if these islands really do exist and if they really are The Final Solution. Only you have the power and the assets to help me. I have nothing to offer in return, except for a sanctuary for you and your people, should it turn out that this place actually exists. I therefore beg you, I beg you in the name of your people: help me save myself, my brother and your beloved people!

In the end, the whole earthly people might be saved from the Eternal Leader…

Your faithful servant,


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