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It isn't done anyone like it?
Chapter 1- Her Beginning

The morning sun was painting the sky shades of blue and yellow. Sunrise. All the night creatures go into hiding and the day creatures arise to a brand new day. Everyone that is, except one group of people. They call themselves the Nightshades. They prowl the night but also go out in the day. They don’t sleep. The Nightshades were first discovered 300 years ago in a town called Nighband. A girl named Heather Jacobs is one of the Nightshades; she just doesn’t know it yet. So to get this story started let’s start on the last day of high school for Heather in Nighband.
“Heather, wake up! It’s the last day of school.” I groaned. My mother can be so loud and obnoxious sometimes. I slowly climbed out of bed and dragged myself to my personal bathroom. Quickly straightening my hair, doing my makeup, and throwing on my black sundress I ran down the stairs.
“Finally,” I said to my mom. “It’s the last day of high school.” My mom smiled at me and handed me a pop tart.
“Here,” my mom said. “You are going to be late if you don’t get going. Chase is probably wondering where you are, you better call him.” I gave my mom a quick hug and grabbed my backpack. Dialing Chase on the way to my car I tripped over the hose and fell into the street. I quickly got up and examined my right arm. There was a gash in it but I was a good bleeder so I just hopped in the car and headed towards Chase’s house.
When I arrived he was sitting on the porch waiting for me like always. “What’s up?” I asked as he got into the car.
“Nothing much, you seem like you had a tough morning though.” He looked me up and down then paused at my arm. Taking it in his hands he examined it. “Uhh, Heather. Do you know you have glass in this cut?” I slowly took my arm back from him and examined it again. Sure enough there were tiny shards of glass in the cut and around it. Something I would have never noticed by myself. I turned towards Chase and noticed that he had blood on his hands. I reached behind the seat and pulled up a roll of paper towels. Handing them to him I backed out of his driveway and started towards the school. “Does your arm hurt?” I glanced at Chase and shook my head.
“No. I am an easy bleeder and I know I can clean it up when we get to school.” Chase looked at my arm again and looked away.
“Okay, if you’re sure.” I nodded and we drove to school in silence.
“Chase?” I asked when we were climbing out of the car.
“Yeah, what’s up?” He looked straight into my eyes and I forgot what I was going to say.
“Oh great.” I said. I tried to look away from those deep blue eyes of his but I couldn’t. Chase and I had been friends since third grade and I had never lost my train of thought when I looked at him. Slowly something popped into my mind, but it wasn’t my own thought.
Don’t be frightened it’s me, Chase. I looked at him wide eyed then started to say something out loud to him. Don’t say things out loud. It will make you look crazy, and trust me you are not. Just think it and I will hear it but you have to walk with me to homeroom always we will be late. I nodded and we walked to homeroom.
Sitting down next to each other like always I thought towards him. Why can I hear you? I am confused. Explain this to me please. I didn’t look at his face cause I knew that if I did then I would lose my train of thought.
Look at me please. Just for a second at least. I need to see your arm again too. I slowly looked towards him and gave him my arm. He examined it again then thought. Heather, I am going to take you to the nurse, okay? I nodded and Chase put his arm around my waist helping me out of my chair. I leaned on him to make it look like I was weak.
When we stopped in front of the teacher I heard Chase say a few very brief words, but I wasn’t able to make them out. I was suddenly very weak. Chase must have caught my thoughts as I slouched towards the floor. Chase, what is happening? Help. Chase! After that thought I blacked out and the last thing I felt was the cold floor and someone’s hands on my face.

Chapter 2- The Truth

Heather. You got to wake up. You’re okay you just got to wake up. Slowly I opened my eyes to see a face above me. Chase.
Chase, what happened? Chase pulled me up into a sitting position and I looked around. It was dark all around us. Where are we? I was still a little weak so I leaned against Chase.
We are in the woods just outside the park. Don’t worry I called your mom and said that you were going to be staying with me for the night. Chase wrapped his arms around and pulled me into his lap. Are you sure you want to know?
Yes. Chase looked at me for a minute. I reached up and touched his jaw. Please tell me. Chase took one of his hands and placed it over mine taking my hand off of his face.
This has to do with me too so I guess I should explain my part in this. But I don’t want you to flip out on me, okay? I nodded and Chase started. It all started about 300 years ago, on this day. The Kletba, meaning the curse, was discovered. The group called the nightshades was started. The Nightshades are made up of people with the curse. I am a descendent as well as you are too. The reason we can hear each other is that we are both descendents of the last two known living nightshades, Griffon Fox and Teresa Freeson. You have the mark. You know that birth mark on your shoulder of the moon with stars around it. Well it is very rare among our kind, or at least it was. My mark is of a star. Almost as rare as yours but still found. We are the last of our kind. We need no sleep. You only just now got your gift because you are only half nightshade. Your father was a nightshade. He died before your 13th birthday so he did not get to tell you of your heritage. Your mother is human so she could not tell you of your regular heritage. She knew but was sworn to secrecy. I took a deep breath and climbed out of Chase’s arms. I started to pace, thinking. Why did this have to happen to me? Why do I have to be falling in love with Chase? I saw Chase smile.
Can you hear every thought I think?
No. Just the ones you push at me.
You heard my last thought didn’t you? Chase nodded. Darn it! I don’t even know how to control anything and I am already pushing my thoughts towards you! I don’t want you to know everything!
Chase got up and came over to me. He placed his hands on my arms and said, “Heather, you need to calm down. You can control your thoughts. Take a deep breath and look at the stars. Lie down and just let your mind be quiet.” I did as he said and I felt better immediately. I just let my mind flow. I reached up for Chases hand and pulled him down beside me.
“Lie still. Relax.” I told him. Then I closed my eyes fully aware that my hand was still in his. I lay there for about an hour and think about everything he has told me. Eventually my mind strays back to that he had heard what I thought. I felt my face grow bright red.
You okay? You haven’t moved for a while.
Yeah, I’m fine. I just have been thinking. Trying to soak in everything. You know? I opened my eyes to find him leaning on his elbow looking at me, my hand still in his. I’m a little cold. His eyes flashed with this look that I had never seen before. Slowly I sat up. He stood up and went over to a pile of wood. He looked at me once before he leaned down and lit the fire. The fire jumped into existence and a glow showed on Chases face. Wow. He looks so gorgeous. Chase came back over to help me up. Holding his hand out to me that look came back. I took his hand again and we walked over to the fire and sat down.
You aren’t going to flip out on me? That is truly surprising. He looked at me and smiled. I guess I don’t know you as well as I thought.
Humor me. How well did you think you know me? I smiled at him.

Chapter 3- Mount Powers

The sun rose the next morning to cast a glow on all of Nighband. For once the town was gleaming. Everyone woke up to find the city clean and a festival in town. Wow! It looks beautiful. The festival of Zon really brightens the city. Chase wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me into his side. I could feel the tenseness in his body. What the matter? Huh? That force I feel, what is it?
That is the Sunikes presence. They are our enemies. They only come here on the day of the festival of Zon. They leave at night during the festival of the Maan. Chase pulled me back into the woods and we headed around the festivities. Just like us, the Sunikes are almost extinct. There are only three left of them. You will recognize them by their bright blonde hair and their bright, sky blue eyes. If you get a chance to look at their arms there might even be the sign of a Sunike. The sign will look somewhat like a sun mixed with a compass with a face on it. I planted my feet on the ground and stopped.
Chase? Are you trying to tell me that I am not safe? Chase nodded and put his arm around my waist to try and get me to walk. I didn’t budge I was in shock.
Babe, you have to walk. I still didn’t budge so he kissed me. That did it. He pulled back. There that’s better now follow me.
Was that real? He nodded and started to pull me alongside him. I let him.
Heather you have to concentrate and talk to me out loud now. It will be harder than you think but we are going to a place where you can learn how to use your powers. It will be much easier for you to discover them at Mount Pravomoci, or as you know it Mount Powers. Mount Powers is where all young nightshades go, or in your case Nightshades learning how to use their powers. I looked around and realized that we were no longer in Nighband. We were in a cave in the side of Mount Pravomoci. Your training starts now and we have to speak out loud. Are you ready? I nodded. Okay now I want you to close your eyes. I closed my eyes but kept my hearing open for anything. “Heather, I want you to figure out your one true animal and tell me what it is.” I thought about it for a minute. What are character traits about me? Well I am cute and smart. I know how to protect myself but I hide that I do. I am cuddly and friendly. I can be dangerous. What animal has all or most of those traits?
“I have decided what my true animal is.” Chase nodded and made a gesture to keep going. I took a step towards Chase putting about ½ a foot between us before I whispered. “I have chosen a panda. Their appearance may be cute and cuddly but underneath they are dangerous and unpredictable.” Chase nodded and turned around gesturing for me to follow him.
“Now that you have chosen your animal you need to choose a special word for you. This word will help you channel your power when you are very weak. It has to be a word that means something special to you. Don’t worry about it being a common word. When you really need to use it you are to think the word and then close your eyes and count to three. It will let me know when you need to use it and I will have the final decision on if it is appropriate for the situation. Now what is your word?” While he had been talking I had been both thinking and listening. Finally I got it.
“The word I have chosen is Láska, meaning love.” Chase nodded again and stopped before a stone door with a moon on it. He turned around and looked at me before he swung the door open. Inside was beautiful. There was a huge bed with a black bedspread on it in the far right hand side of the room. Next to the bed was a stone bedside table. On the left side of the room there was a closet and a door that lead to another room. “Wow.” That’s all I could say. It was beautiful.

Chapter 4- The Rock

Immediately I went to the closet to see what clothes were in it. There were mostly jeans, shorts, t-shirts, blouses, and skirts, but there were a few gorgeous dresses. “Wow.” I repeated. Chase came over and placed his hand on my lower back.
“You will have plenty of time later to look at these. You need to follow me.” I looked at the clothes once more then let him lead me towards the other room and through it into a garden. “Today you are going to learn how to do some simple things, first of all how to move a rock.” Chase picked up a rock the size of a ping pong ball. “See here, I will show you an example.” Chase looked straight at the rock, and then slowly the rock moved up out of his hand and toward the bolder 10 feet away. When it landed on the bolder he broke eye contact with it and looked at me. “Your turn, but only go until you start to feel weak.” He picked up a rock that was smaller than his and handed it to me. I looked at him and then looked at the rock. I looked straight at the rock like Chase did. Slowly the rock lifted out of my hand but I felt my energy start to drain. I kept looking at the rock though. I got about half way to the bolder and I collapsed. I felt Chase’s arms around me. I felt being lifted up. I felt being put on a bed.
“Heather? Babe, wake up. Heather?” I slowly opened my eyes.
“Chase?” I tried to sit up but Chase pushed me down gently. “Ugh. What happened?” I put my hand on my head. Chase took my hand in his and sat down on the bed.
“You collapsed. You tried to do too much on your first try.” He squeezed my hand. “I bet you are hungry and thirsty.” I nodded. Chase got up with an “I’ll be right back stay here.”
“Like I have much of a choice.” He smiled at me and laughed as he left the room. I closed my eyes. I remembered the feeling of his lips against mine and I smiled. Did he really kiss me because he wanted to or because he needed me to walk? The smile disappeared from my face. What if he was just using that I was falling in love with him to get me to walk? What if… I couldn’t finish my thought. I felt a hand on my face, but I didn’t open my eyes.
“Heather?” I knew it was Chase’s voice but I didn’t want to see him. I turned away from him. Heather? What’s the matter?
I don’t want to talk to you so GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! I felt him flinch through his thoughts. I didn’t want to hurt him but I knew that if I didn’t tell him to then I couldn’t think about what I needed to. I started to cry. He got up and I thought that he was heading towards the door but he wasn’t. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. Chase was standing by my bed, but he had his back to the bed. I could see that his back was tense even through the tears. Chase? I’m sorry. I….I… He turned around and I could see that look in his eyes. The look he got in the woods the day I found out my heritage and now that I think about it the look he got right before he kissed me on the way here. It took all my strength but I sat up. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I was just… thinking. I guess.
Heather? He sat down in front of me and brushed some of the tears off my cheek but the tears still didn’t stop flowing. I threw my arms around him and buried my face in his chest. It’s okay Heather. It’s okay. I’m not mad at you. It’s okay. Heather? I looked at him. Lay down. He pushed me down then lay beside me leaning on his elbow.
I am so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you but I… I…
I know you needed to think about if that kiss was real or not. You needed to figure out what it meant. But I am going to tell you now that it was real. He leaned in and kissed me. It was long and he didn’t stop until we needed to breathe.

Chapter 5-Accomplishment

Wow. That was… that was amazing. I guess that kiss was real. I smiled and looked at Chase; he was smiling too.
You need to rest, Heather. You did collapse and crying takes away your energy. I looked at him and frowned. I shook my head and leaned towards him.
“I don’t want to rest. I want to keep kissing you.” Chase pulled me against his chest and wrapped his arms around me.
He kissed my forehead and whispered, “No. I’m sorry but you can’t keep kissing me, at least not tonight. You need to rest. We are going to be training tomorrow.” He unwrapped his arms and started to slide away. I grabbed his arm and pulled my face up to his, looking him straight in the eyes.
Once more, Chase. Please? Chase sighed and leaned in towards me. I closed my eyes when his face was about 3 inches away and waited for the kiss. His lips didn’t touch mine though. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling still 3 inches from my face.
Nope, I’m sorry. You need to sleep. It will give you something to look forward to in the morning. Good night. He backed away and left the room. I sighed and closed my eyes.
That night I dreamt about him. I dreamt about being a nightshade and I wondered what powers I would have. My dad’s face popped into my dream. I was having a conversation with him. “Dad?” “Yes, Heather?” “How am I talking to you?” “You are a Nightshade so this is probably one of your powers.” “You mean I talk to ghost?” “Yes, Heather that is what I mean.” He laughed. “Can I talk to you anytime?” “Only when you are sleeping, my dear.” I laughed. “My dear?” He laughed too. “Yeah. I guess I have picked up some language from the older ghost.” We both laughed. It felt good to talk with him and to laugh with him again. “Dad, what happened to the other nightshades?” “Heather, the nightshades all died, whether by accident or by old age or by having a fight with a Sunike when they were weak. You have to watch yourself around here. You need to figure out how to summon your powers. Chase will help you but you also need to figure out how to do it on your own.” “Dad, I love you and I miss you.” “Heather, I will always be with you in your heart and you can always talk to me when you are asleep. I love you too, but now I must go.” “Good-bye dad.” “Good-bye.” I woke up and looked around.
Trying to be quiet I got up and went over to my closet. I picked out a dark pair of jean shorts and a black shirt with silver designs all over it. As I got dressed I thought about the conversation with my dad. Sighing I went through the door connecting mine and Chases rooms and saw him asleep. I didn’t want to wake him up so I went out into the garden. I found a big boulder, climbed up onto it and sat down. There was a slight breeze that felt nice against my skin. I took my hair out of its ponytail and let it fall past my shoulders. The wind immediately caught my hair and it started to dance like a cobra being sung to. I closed my eyes and concentrated on trying to reach my powers. I felt something happening. I felt like I was in power. Then I opened my eyes and looked at the bolder I was sitting on. Rise! Slowly the rock rose with me on top of it. I made it hover about three feet off the ground for a couple of minutes then I lowered it back to the ground.
Good job, Heather! I looked towards the bedroom door and saw Chase standing there with a smile on his face. I jumped off the bolder and ran over to him.
I did it. I did it. He laughed and gave me a big hug.

Chapter 6- Plans

Grow! The small tree started to grow. It reached 13 feet in height and then blooms started to appear. After a little while longer the tree had ripe apples on it. I took two apples off the tree. Want one? Chase smiled at me, took the apple from me, and took a bite.
Mmm, delicious. Thank you. I took a bite out of mine and lay down under the tree I had just grown. You are learning quickly. This is good. He lay down beside me and took another bite out of his apple.
Am I really doing well? Chase smiled at me and nodded. I looked up at the sky. It was a deep light blue, like the shade of Chase’s eyes when he was happy. Suddenly the sky turned dark and thunder roared from above.
“Let’s get inside before the sky starts to spit at us.” I laughed at Chase’s saying. He always said something like that when it was getting ready to rain. Chase helped me up off the ground and we bolted inside as lightning lit up the dark sky. I flopped down on Chase’s bed and sighed. As my mind raced, I remembered something that Chase had told me the night before and I remembered that I wanted to tell Chase about my dad.
“Chase?” I was still looking at the ceiling when I asked. Chase put his hands on the bed beside my head and leaned over me. My heart started to race. I hoped that he couldn’t hear it. He smiled.
“Yes? What’s up?” I swallowed and took a deep breath. I could smell his cologne, a mixture of a kind of fruity smell and a woody smell, and the mint on his breath.
I leaned on my elbows and said, “I wanted to tell you that I talked to my dad last night,” I sighed. “That’s why I was out there this morning. My dad said ‘You have to summon your powers on your own’ and that ‘Chase will help you’ and that I ‘have to watch myself around here.’ So I tried to and it worked.” Chase brushed a hair out of my eyes and nodded.
“He is right you have to watch yourself around here. Is that all you wanted to say?” Suddenly I had courage that I didn’t have before. I sat up and put my face close to his.
“You know what else I was going to say and if you don’t then you’ll get it. I shouldn’t have to say anything.” I looked at his lips, then his eyes, then his lips again. I smiled leaning forward more I whispered, “You know.” His eyes lit up and THE look came into them again. I pressed my lips to his. Once, twice, three times, then I backed off. I slid out of reach of him and went to the window. The sky looked like it was midnight not four in the afternoon. “What do you think about this? We go down to the town tonight and we can hang out. We can go to the movies or something” I turned around and saw him standing there with THE look still in his eyes. “Hmm?” I went over to the bed and sat down.
“Sure. We can catch the midnight show of “Just Dead”. I heard it was good.” He came and sat down beside me. “Oh and I forgot to tell you that you can’t tell anyone you’re a Nightshade.”
I sighed and leaned my head onto his shoulder. “Well that makes my life so much easier.” Chase noted my sarcastic remark with a smile.
He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and said, “Well at least you have me to talk to.” I smiled and looked up at him. He looked back at me. Suddenly I was kissing him… again, but this time I wasn’t the one who backed away. “Do you want dinner? I’m making tacos.” I felt my mouth turn into a pout. He knew that I couldn’t resist tacos. He laughed. “Go get ready to go out tonight while I make them.” I got up and dragged myself out of his room and into mine. I took a quick shower and put on some make-up. Then I went to my closet and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a black dressy shirt.

Chapter 7- Possession

I spent like 30 minutes in my room then I went into Chase’s room. He was in his bathroom getting ready so I decided to practice my powers. Chase?
Yes? What’s up? I’m kind of getting ready so if you want you can go eat. The kitchen is the first door on your right if you go down the hall.
I just wanted to tell you that I am going to practice my powers in the garden. So you can come get me when you are done. He didn’t answer me back but the bathroom door opened. Chase? I went over to the door and looked in. Chase wasn’t in there. Huh? Chase, where are you? Someone’s arms wrapped around me and pulled me through a secret door. My instinct of being a Nightshade set in and I automatically accessed my powers. Freeze! Release! We stopped moving and the arms released me. I turned around and saw Chase. I laughed.
Heather!!! I laughed again because Chase sounded like he was begging.
Undo! Sorry Chase. You scared me. Chase unfroze and walked up to me. Then he grabbed my arms and squeezed. He pinned them to my sides. Oww! Chase that hurts stop it. Chase? Tears streamed down my cheeks. Sorry I have to do this to you Chase. Release! Pin! Float! Follow! I walked out of the secret door and into Chase’s room with him floating behind me. I grabbed Chase’s arms. Chase what happened?
Heather? Chase tried to shake his head. Why can’t I move?
Chase you attacked me in the secret room so I made it were you can’t move.
I did what?!!! Chase’s eyes widened. The last thing I remember is fixing my hair then… Oh! Someone was controlling me! I saw them in the mirror. That’s the last thing I remember.
I believe you so… Undo! Chase fell to the floor. I went over to him and helped him up, guiding him over to the bed. Chase saw my wet cheeks and my red wrists.
“Did I hurt you?” He touched my wrist. I flinched and tears started to flow again.
“Yeah, but it wasn’t you. The person that was controlling you grabbed me and pulled me into a secret room. Then when I froze them they acted like they were you so I released them. Then they grabbed my wrist and pinned them to my sides. They squeezed my wrist and I begged them to stop but they didn’t until I made them release me, pinned them, and made them follow me out here. You know what happened from there.” I took a deep breath.
“I’m so sorry Heather.” He pulled me against him and let me cry into his chest.
“It’s not your fault. Also, why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” I pulled back and smiled at him. He smiled back at me.
“I didn’t want to get anything on it.” I laughed.
“I am having doubts that you are a guy now.” He laughed and pulled me off the bed. “Taco time?”
“The tacos are probably cold by now. Let’s just get something to eat in town.” He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me down the hallway, into the kitchen. “Just let me clean them up.” Chase quickly cleaned up the tacos and put the dishes in the dish washer. “Ready to go?” I nodded. “Okay close your eyes.” I closed my eyes and listened. Suddenly I heard the word ‘town’ and then I felt wind on my face. Okay you can open your eyes now. I opened my eyes and we were standing outside of Alex’s Pizza. The aroma of pizza was in the air.
“Mmm, that smells amazing. I am really hungry.” Chase laughed and we walked into the pizza shop. Chase paid even though I insisted that he let me pay for mine. We ordered one medium pizza and took a booth in the back.

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