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A story about a young man turned super-powered fox. Please read the rest of the story!
July 17, 2010

I have arrived in Darfur.  I have found a safe place to hide which I will not disclose here for fear of my own safety- it's quite dangerous around here, and the last thing I want is for this journal to fall into the wrong hands.  However, I will tell you this- After resting for a day and somehow not being found, I cloaked myself in energy, rendering myself invisible, and checked out the outside of the head government building, which isn't too far from where I'm staying.

         The fortification is impressive.  The government building doesn't look like anything more than a regular old office building, though it is marble in color and in texture.  The guards surrounding it, however, are numerous, at least three times the amount of the guards I encountered at Guantanamo.  There are turrets mounted on the roof and every guard is carrying a machine gun.  The guards totally surround the place, 360 degrees of protection, and I know I won't have a chance if I attempt this alone.  I could sneak in invisibly, but that would defeat the purpose of letting the world know who saved them.

         I have a plan.  It involves yet another of my new-found powers.  With so many guards, even I, with my speed and strength, would stand no chance against those sheer numbers.  Therefore I will need to give myself a fair fight.  It is time to use the clones.
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