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Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,

    There is a wide spread cancer ravaging American workers. It is called a-moral-fiber-algia. (Meaning: Painful lack of moral fiber.) This cancer is wreaking havoc on the morals that respectable companies were founded on. It is causing sickness and despair among hard working, dedicated employees with no sign of remission. I am talking about the loathsome, distorted view that many companies have established with regards to compensating and promoting deserving employees.
    Those of us, who work selflessly for the betterment of our company, are being overlooked to promote those who blatantly demonstrate a lack of ability and dedication. These insulting actions provide ripe conditions for cancer to grow. The cancer, once rooted, eats away essential moral fibers needed for thriving businesses and if left untreated, can cause inner-company fatalities. We need reform! The treatment for this cancer is the reinstatement of respected morals and leadership. The success rate is good if treated quickly and aggressively.
    I will not die quietly! Prepare for battle!


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