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by Disha
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The mind of present day's child
There is a baby living next door.

The baby is eleven months old and it has just started crawling and has started to speak syllables like aboo and appa *Jackolantern*

His favourite pastime is watching songs on the music channels. Whenever he hears even a small bit of beat his legs begin to shake as if he's

trying to dance . This is the most attractive and astonishing quality in him.

The baby is a bit close to my mother as his parents are working. He will always choose the most familiar face to be with. But often gets

confused between me and my sistere*Shock*

He is a wonder baby as he does not cry for anything. Try snatching anything he has and he will just leave that object and move on to the next!

He likes to be with the company of people and not toys. According to him people are his favourite toys.

Everyday his parents leave him and go for work. His grandmother usually takes care of him.But he never bothers. But when it gets late in the

evening he becomes restless but never cries.

All of us are his friends till his parents return from and after that he will all of us as if he is seing us for the first time in his life. Such adaptive he.

He doesnt cry when anyone goes out nore does he want to accompany us when we get dressed and go out as the babies 5 years before did.

He is very happy to be there inside his house and smiles at us when we go outside.

Truly all these qualities make this a child a perfect e-age phenomenon.

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