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Old African man spys Slavers herding slaves, and makes a prayer for them.
First Prayer written for a play in 2004 when it was performed.

STAGE: Curtain opens full slowly for actors in position to perform
LIGHTS: Spot fades off. Two down spots directly over actor—(left position) one in front and the other at the back.
1. Bring up front lights full to start performance.
2. At end of performance Bring down front to black while raising rear light to a dim to backlight actor.

SCENE: An old African walks the plains of the Serengeti. He stops keels for a drink from a pond. As he notices, in the distance Slavers with more of his people destined never to see their home land again. He takes to the side of the road taking cover as the slavers with their treasure of flesh pass by. He prays quietly in the bushes for those who didn’t get away.

COSTUME: Dressed as Bushman turns as if watching a line of slaves under lash and chains pass by at a distance.
Play starts here:

BUSHMAN1 (PAST): (drinking water cupped in his hand he notices the slaves in the distance as his head rise between drinks


BUSHMAN1 (PAST): (Comes to his feet --(pointing) to see better, pauses, then emotionally prays)

“Oh Great and merciful father, Hear the tears of your children wrenched from all they know and who still, as they march, call to you with praise. I don't know your plan for them father, but I am comforted to see that you go with them, lord. Keep these crushed and frightened lives safe father. Keep them Lord. Keep them that one day, they may be re-molded and shaped into the tempered soldiers that will rise up to follow your will father and find their way home. Remind them, though they may be broken today, they are still yet, whole in your eyes, father.

So, I pray for them father. Set them on their journey with peace. Hold them close so during the unknown hardships they may encounter they will remember to cleave to thee lord and in they will always find hope. Keep their ancestors alive in their hearts so they will never know lonelyness. Keep their elders alive for them so they are never lost.
Bless them father, keep them strong enough to bare their journey no matter how dark the path. And above all else father, bless them safe passage.”

ACTOR: Remains on stage frozen in the ending position till all parts are performed

Written by D.S. Ferguson aka Ironworker156 2004
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