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Rated: 18+ · Serial · Inspirational · #1679920
Get thee Dong!
                    Zoe sat in her room, looking out at the breaking waves.
      "I know Dong is a good person. But, I just don't know if I can marry a lizzard." Zoe pondered as she hugged her pillow.
      She watched the waves crest and then Dong was standing in her window. His eyes were fierce like a dragon.
      The window was made of thick concrete. All the homes were concrete on the island of Penelopies.
      Zoe gasped as Dong leaned foward into her face. "We had an agreement." he hissed.
      "Oh-I just couldn't. Your not human." Zoe tried to fight the lump of fear in her throat.
      "I am human! You stupid girl!" Dong shouted and knocked her off her chair. Zoe scrambled on her hands and knees
      accross the floor. Dong was lightning fast.. "My father has a gun. I can hear him coming up." Zoe stammered.
      The door openned and Zoe's mother walked in with a tray of cookies and milk.
      She screamed and dropped the tray. Dong threw Zoe's mother onto the bed and then tossed Zoe on top of her.
      They clung to each other as Dong licked up the cookies and milk with his 72 inch tongue.
      "Satan!" Zoe's mother cursed and produced her rosery, wrapping the beads about her right fist.
      Dong laughed.
            Zoe and her mother trembled as Dong beared his razor teeth. In a blure they were stripped and licked
      from head to toe. Zoe's mother laughed. "Is that all?" she said looking at Dong's smooth naked reptile crotch.
      "We mate with our tongues." Dong smiled like a crockodile. Zoe scooped some of the thick mukous from
      out of her mound. "Oh-my-God!" her mother scooped the same mukous off. Dong hissed a mocking laugh.
      "Whah-kind of baby will I have?" Zoe spit up mukous. Dong streightened and transformed into Posidon,
      "You will have Gods!" a thunder clap broke. Zoe and her mother started to towel off, when Dong licked them
      again from behind. Zoe's mother tried to pull Dong's tongue out of her daughter, but it was too slippery.
      She jumped on Dong, pounding and scratching. Dong was invunerable. She shuddered as Dong tongue wipped
      about her squeezing her until her breasts ballooned. Dong's tongue slizzered down her back between her
      cheeks and into her mound. .. "You may have my body, but you will never have my secrets." Zoe murmered
      as she tried to yank Dong's tongue out of her mother.
                    Her father Felix entered the room. The noise had awakenned him from his noonday nap.
      He shot at Dong with his Barretta. The bullets ricocheted about the room. Zoe was shot.
      Dong was invulerable. Her mother screamed and Dong dropped her. Felix reloaded and continued to shoot at Dong.
      More bullets ricocheted off of Dong. "For Christ sake! Stop!" Zoe's mother shouted at Felix and wrapped Zoe's left
      arm. "My tongue will heal the wound. You must see to removing the bullet." Dong spoke calmly as he slipped on
      his cargo shorts and yellow mesh tank top. Felix walked up to Dong and shot him point blank in the left eye.
      The bullet collasped and fell to the floor. Dong bit the barrel of Felix's gun off and spit it at him.
      "Son-of-bitch!" Felix cursed and hit Dong accross the face with the handle of his broken gun. It shattered.
      "Poppa! No!" Zoe reached out to her father. He hugged her. 
        "Makind always reverts to violence. Your daughter and wife have been blessed by a God!
        You should beg for my mercy." Dong words put a chill in the little Greek family.
        "Drop... dead!" barked Felix. Dong gave a wide crockodile smile and leapted out the window.

        should I continue?

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