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Children's story with a Christian theme
Part 5 - Shock news

Chip and Cherry decided to go to school early in the hope of seeing Grub again. They were glad when they saw smoke coming from a fire near to his den. Grub was drinking from a bottle of milk.
He's probably had that off someone's doorstep, they thought, but decided not to mention it.
"Hi, you two," said Grub cheerfully, "You're up early, aren't you?"
"Yeah, couldn't sleep," said Chip. "We were hoping to see you, Grub. We've been thinking about what you said yesterday about when the Salvation Army helped your family."
"Oh, that. Well, it was a few years ago, but I've told you I don't want to talk about it," said Grub.
"OK," said Chip "but me and my sis are junior soldiers and we'll help you as well if we can."
"We've already started to help you because we've been praying for you," said Cherry.
"Praying? What good's that? You might as well talk to the trees," scoffed Grub.
"Have you ever prayed?" asked Cherry.
"Yes," replied Grub. "I've prayed for money, for food, for people to drop dead...all sorts of things, but they never came true."
"I'm not surprised," said Cherry.
"First you have to know who you're praying to," said Chip. "When you come to know Jesus it's a whole lot different. Then it's like talking to a friend. And it's not just asking for things."
"You couldn't lend me some money, could you?" asked Grub, changing the subject.
Lend, thought Cherry, don't you mean give. She felt in her pocket and gave him a pound coin.
"You're a mate!" said Grub.
"I wish you knew Jesus, it would be better than money," said Cherry. "I know he'd help you."
"I can get by on my own," said Grub. "I've managed so far without your Jesus's help."
Sadly, the brother and sister went on their way to school.
During the day they heard a radio report that a boy had been burned in a fire on waste ground in the town!
At home-time, they raced to Grub's den. It was burnt down and Grub was nowhere to be seen!
To be continued.
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