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I started writing this and my emotions got the better of me. This is about my dad.
I'm falling apart at the very seams,
My hopes are lost on artificial dreams,
I hope one day that you see what you've done,
All the things that you've caused, and the mess I've become,
These demons, they haunt me, and it's all your fault,
In my open wounds, you rubbed in salt.
And I'm your worthless son.

These demons, they stalk this broken soul,
These pills can't keep them under control,
I begin my descent into perpetual night,
I'm losing my soul, and losing this fight,
My fearful eyes are swarmed with lies,
I can't find the truth, Can't see through your guise,
And above it all, I still can't see why,
After all, I'm your son.

Why did you do it,
Why don't you care,
Why do I cry,
So what if father's not there,
Why do you hate me,
What have I done,
The worst thing is I'm not your only son,
How many others are feeling this pain,
How many brothers are feeling the same?

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