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Newsletter for Non-Humans R Us. Anthros and Friends. My first Newsletter
June Newsletter

         Hello group. If this newsletter doesn’t have the polish of the ones that are normally sent, that’s partly because this is the first Newsletter I’ve ever made, and second, I have some minor computer problems that make checking out ML Writing Help a little difficult. Annoying but I do my best, and I do hope that you understand this Newsletter, as well as enjoy it.

         This Newsletter will have two major topics, Anthros and Friends, two things that are important to me and inspired me to make the group with the help of It's too hot already! .


         When I was asked to write this month’s Newsletter and someone suggested that I write about anthros, I went looking in my Webster’s dictionary, a very useful thing by the way so be sure to try to get one yourself. I didn’t find Anthro by itself but I did find a few things close to it: anthropo- Combining form man, human and anthropomorphism- the attributing of human characteristics to gods, objects, ect.. I also checked out Wikipedia, which, in spite of the rumors about it, is an okay source for general information. It states that anthro is a prefix for having human like qualities.

         Of course, in the context that many people know, anthros are humanoid-like animals that have the characteristics of humans, such as speech, bipedal, sentiency, and a few other things AND at least some of the characteristics of the animals that they resemble, such as fur/feather/scales, the teeth, similar diets, and a few other things. For instance, you are unlikely to see a rabbit anthro to eat a steak and likewise you are unlikely to see a wolf anthro to eat a carrot, though there is a Webcomic that has two characters that do that, Kevin and Kell. (Site for that is http://www.kevinandkell.com/. Start at the beginning and read the whole thing. It’s HARElarious *Bigsmile*. Also it’s a great way to see what some anthros look like, though some well known ones are Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and many of their friends.)

         In many anthro stories, there may or may not be humans. In some stories the whole food chain/web is still in effect, in that carnivore anthros hunt herbivore anthros for food, or something similar, and in some stories humans are included as part of the food chain/web. Of course this all depends on the writer him/herself. Personally I prefer it when they live together in relative harmony and there is plenty of ordinary animals for carnivores to eat, though there are those who prefer it other wise.

          In most Anthro stories, the various species represent different classes, races, religions, ethnicities, and so forth. Thus, as in the case of Kevin and Kell, in which a wolf and a rabbit marry and raise a family, it’s like the case of a coal miner’s son marrying the daughter of the President of the USA, which, while unlikely, is entirely possible, and then the two of them having kids and such.

         Also, you will find many anthro stories on the site. And some of those are mine. Here is a few of them.

"Planet Animalus Stuff This is based off of a series that I wrote, 19 70 paged notebooks, about a planet with animal-human hybrids, that center around the exploits of an ex-thief named Zena.

"A Different Red Riding Hood Story This is an interactive that is based off of the traditional story, but instead of being enemies, the Wolf and Red are friends, at the very least anyways, and sometimes they are even more than just that.

"The Revolution of Humans and Anthros This is sort of based off of another writer’s interactive. Basically in this world humans are small pets, less than a foot tall, that anthros take care of. However, some of those “pets” have grown, and with the help of sympathetic anthros, are fighting a revolution to get back their long over-due freedom. Could use some help with additions.


         I remember when I first came on the site, as most of you probably do. For me it was over a year ago that I stumbled across this place on a Google search for Dragon vore. After that accidental trip, I started searching around, mostly checking out the interactives, and I found some that I liked. After a while I joined and created my first interactive, Planet Animalus, which is based off of the series that I wrote. However at that time I had some major problems, anger management issues being one of them. In fact, it was just after I found out that my additions to this one interactive had been deleted, I threw a really big fit. In fact, I had even considered NEVER coming on the site AGAIN when I noticed that I had a new message in my mailbox, someone had added to my interactive. However that wasn’t the only thing that they added to. They added something to my body as it were. In a sense, they reached out and put their hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t give up hope. I’m here and I’d like to help you out.” That little addition was the start of a wonderful friendship, so let’s give a hand of appreciation to that person for what they did, because without them, this group would not exist. Therefore, here is an honorable mention to that person, Twiga , as she is the reason that this group was formed.

         Now I’m sure that most of you have your own Twigas as it were, that one person who said that your stuff was good and that they’d like to see more of it. To me, that’s important, and I’m sure that that’s important to you guys as well. So if your Twiga is still a member of the site, be sure to send them a Friendship Merit Badge, or some such thing, and thank them for being there for you.

         Well I best be going for now. After all, I have my anthro stories to write, and remember, if you see a struggling writer out there, be like a Twiga to them, and put your hand on their shoulder and tell them that you’ll help them out. *Smile*
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