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Letter of thoughts concerning oil and address to nation.
Open Letter to Clarify My Thoughts - Who Are You Kidding?

Let's see; Day 57 of the oil rig explosion and BP (not British Petroleum) has been unsuccessful in stopping hundreds, no - thousands, no - millions, (but not yet billions) of barrels of oil from being released from Planet Earth into the Gulf of Mexico. It's happening 40 miles away from shore so that should be far enough away? Plan A would be to contain it, but that didn't work. Plan B would be to have a back-up contingency plan that does work, hmmm. How about that, where's the approvals? I'm sure someone has to review and approve these rigs. What about the maintenance schedules? How about adding a line in the next manual - not responsible for government oversight!

When the mess is contained at the shoreline (if it ever is) what about the oil that settles on the ocean floor? The damage and destruction caused to nature, animals, birds, fish and wildlife can't be realized for years to come. I read somewhere that man can not control Earth so "who are you kidding?" to think that this can ever be prevented from happening again. Seems the Valdez should have taught a lesson. Even back when the oil wells were set on fire in Kuwait, the environmental damage. Earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes - Earth is in control and people pay the ultimate price with lives. (Pause for other thoughts about flooding victims on Federal Land.)

Then there's government intervention, while it is to plan, approve and implement a course of action; the more money they can get their hands on, the longer it will take. If the leak(s) get stopped, who takes control thereafter? Does BP remain or does US have rights to claim? Will be interesting to know who is selected to be the "3rd Party" MONEY for all of the claims. (Pause for a moment to consider the farm relief/aid compensation paid to millionaires not living in our Country.) Big brother will watch big brother?

How can there be a successful clean up when the disaster is ongoing and from what I've seen, not very well contained. It looks like they need a huge funnel to capture it all and bring it to the surface then discharge the gas through tanks and keep the oil, obviously that's just too simple.

I feel really bad for the birds and fish but wonder if medical damage is yet to be done to human beings. What is the lead content in oil? Any drinking water problems there? Would a tropical storm stir up the water and bring it inland? I fear the worst is yet to come and that's sad, very sad.
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