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by Kemi
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A woman comes home wondering if the day could get any worse....
The rain is pouring
The sound is roaring

From work,I drove
Thinking of my sweet dove

Left opened wide, the door
Rushed in I to avoid the pour

My eyes, at the sight, popped opened
The home before me I never imagined

In a worried tone, I called "Honey"
Hoping this wasn't about Jerkin's money

Rolls of tissue all over the floor
Spoons, shoes, skates and more

Three pans seated near the cloth shelf
On the couch, popcorns I made myself

Then a sound beckoned me out
And whatelse could this be about

Only to see Bobby, my other half
And in his hand a calf

Now what, wondered I
Jerkin wants a calf, O my

It couldn't get worse than this
Home I came wanting peace

Everything became clear
When out came running the bear

Calf for bear as bait
O what a day of fate
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