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A young girl finds herself dreaming of a mysterious stranger, who comes with the sun...
Hey guys! This is the original prologue...I wanted to put it on here instead! Hope you enjoy it!

Dafni sat on the new spring grass in the shade of a flowering tree. She twirled a tiny white blossom between her fingers, only one of the many that the breeze had showered her with. They were scattered all around her; trapped in the light green blades of grass, sprinkled on her violet gown, and caught in her long golden locks.
She stood; the flowers fell lazily from her skirt. The morning sun found the Prism she wore on a silver chain round her neck and split into seven parts, reflecting each color of the rainbow onto her beige skin.

“Dafni…” She turned swiftly toward the voice, that hauntingly familiar, velveteen baritone that pervaded her dreams. The wind began to stir up around her, tearing the blooms from her hair and whipping the strands wildly about her face. She peered against the sunlight, shielding her eyes with a cupped hand. There- a silhouette, nothing but a shadow in the brilliant glory of the sun.

“Dafni…” The voice called to her again. Her heart pounded as her own name echoed sweetly in her ears.

“Who are you?” she heard herself reply. The grass she stood on seemed to stretch out forever, an ocean of green. Dafni took a step, then two, and finally she was running toward the figure, heart drumming wildly against her ribcage. You’re not getting away this time, she thought. The shadow stayed put, as if waiting for her, with arms outstretched.
But, as always, her legs seemed to churn madly through time, as if in slow motion. The figure loomed just ahead of her, but no matter how hard she tried she could not reach him.

“No, no, no!” she cried, beating her fists against air. “Who are you?”
As she fell the light faded, and instead of thrashing in midair she felt a soft but solid weight beneath her. Her eyes burst open, straining to see in the darkness encompassing her. Soft, light fabric covered her legs and torso, and a feather pillow cushioned her head. She sat up, confused, and tore the curtains away from the window by her head. Milky moonlight poured through the glass and made a puddle of light on her face and torso.
Dafni sighed and threw herself back down on her mattress. It had been nothing but a dream after all.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1686343