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While searching for her father, Aundrea finds more than she bargained for.
    Tho it had been only a few minutes since their last time check, it seemed as if they had been walking for hours.  Aundrea and her counter part Lucky were just finishing their surveillance sweep when something came at them from the trees. 

    "What the hell was that?" Lucky blurted.

      "I'm not sure, but we better get back to the camp site." Aundrea replied.

      The hair on the back of the their necks  stood up as they followed the trail back.  Aundrea was sure they were being followed, so she kept a close watch on both their backs.  Not knowing who or what was out in the vast wilderness, Lucky and Aundrea kept up their guard.

      As they got closer to the camp site, Aundrea smelled something burning, but it wasn't food.  Now she knew they were in danger, but what kind she wasn't sure. Her instincts told her run, but like any other soldier she stood her ground waiting for the other shoe to drop.  The moments after that were very intense.  Each crackling of the forest floor, unknown sound and sight were more suspicious than the next.  Then something grabbed her, it pulled her down and dragged her down into the underbrush.  Its cold, clammy fingers covering her eyes and mouth almost suffocating her.
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