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I love the movie Eclipse and here is why.
I went to see the movie Eclipse, the third movie of the "Twilight" series. I am a big fan. I totally love the movie and here is why.

I bought mine and my husband's tickets in advance and we were the second couple to enter the theatre. I wore my "New Moon "T-shirt, Jacob necklace and Edward and Bella necklace. I have been watching the previews in line for three weeks and I was so ready. I read the novella of Bree Turner, a short lived character in Eclipse so I knew her history.

The movie didn't disappoint me. The wolf pack sided with the good Cuellen vampire family against the bad vampires. I love the huge wolves who are the werewolves. They are just beautiful. I love when Bella was petting Jacob when he was in wolf form. This made me cry. You know she loves him as a human and a wolf. When the wolves and the Cuellen family met in the woods, I felt scared for the Cuellen family but the wolves were on their side. The actual battle of the wolves, bad vampires and Cuellens' took place, it was a great fight scene. I loved it. Jacob got hurt and I cried the last fifteen minutes of the movie. Bella went to see Jacob when he was all bandaged up and she should have hugged him and kissed his cheek but she told him she loved him but she loved Edward more. I am on Team Jacob even though I love Edward, too. There were romance scenes between Bella and Edward and Bella and Jacob. I am a hopeless romantic. Jacob's father Billy shook hands with Carlisle and thanked him for helping Jacob, I shed some more tears. The wolf pack and good Cuellen vampire family have made peace. I love it.

Edward finally killed Victoria. He didn't have a choice. Poor Bree Turner. She was a newborn vampire and she didn't know when she teamed up with Riley who turned her that she was being trained to be part of the bad vampire army. When she she refused to fight, Carlisle and Esme took pity on her and wanted to adopt her as one of their own. Jane, one of the mean powerful Volturi family, wouldn't let Bree live. That was so sad. Why don't the Volturi stay inj Italy in their rich palace and leave the rest of the vampires alone? I like Jane but it is because Dakot Fanning plays her.

We got to know more about Jasper and his past as a soldier in the Civil War and the vampire women he met and Maria who turned him. Jasper was more prepared then anyone with the war with bad vampires.Rosalie told Bella her story of how the man she was engaged to beat her along with her friends and killed her. You can assume that she was raped, too. She killed them after she became a vampire. She was cheated out of the respectable high society life that she wanted. You can't blame her for being bitter.

If you like vampires, werewolves, romance and action, the Twilight movies are the ones you should watch. I am a big fan. Breaking Dawn won't be out for a year. How will I stand it? I will read the book Breaking Dawn again and be patient. I know it will be great like the other three. Each one of these movies is better then the last. I totally love them and the characters. To any one reading this, I hope you love the Twilight movies and the characters as much as I do. I am a hopeless fan.

Beautiful picture of wolves.
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