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Poem in stormy's poetry contest for July Title "Escape To Adventure"

                                                                      "Escape to Adventure"

It was 5:00PM, I couldn't wait to escape this irrelevant office.

I cleared my desk as the clock ticked and tocked.

I wanted to escape this prison of endless worthless paper.

Reports to be filed pointless questions, an exercise in futility.

I walked through the door on to the street I knew I had escaped.

Endless paperwork never meant to have any meaning.

Supervisors sounding like sirens dictating empty emergencies;

their only thought is to fill the filing cabinets.

As I walked away from the bureaucratic building, I took a deep breath, and exhaled.

I felt the anxiety in my body give way to alluring thoughts of freedom.

I thought of my youth, and time spent at the Beach with it's seabirds flying free.

Daydreams of pirate's treasure ships, swords flashing and clashing on their decks;

The obscured outline of sails on a silver sea; almost hidden by thunderclouds

on the surface, there on the horizon was an inbound ship coming to help, or to kill.
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