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A girl has a terrible, tummy-turning dream, a dream which no one would want to dream...
The dark room. I stare. Nothing but darkness creeps up to me. Gets into me and makes me shiver. I have no idea where I am. I came wandering around this old castle looking for help on my history project. Look where it’s brought me- into a dark room and a weird hovering light ahead.

I've only just noticed that light. It glows blurry, but sharp. It gets bigger and bigger and my eyes strain just to see its detail and what it is. As it gets bigger it grows brighter too and wherever the light is coming from, it becomes clearer. I can see bright, deep, red eyes. They shine upon me and make me shiver with fright. The face is now more clear and it is pale as pale can be. It's eyes glow and indulge me but it's making me remember times I felt scared and frightened. I can't remember the times I've been happy, coldness devours me. It comes closer and closer. I start to feel cold. My heart starts to slow down and I feel like my heart will no longer beat. My sight slightly becomes clearer and I notice all the blood on this thing.

I now can distinctly see that this thing is or was a girl. Her nose it hard to recognise and it's deeply covered in thick blood, dripping down her face. It looks wet and slippery and covering her entire body, leaving traces of red drops on the floor. The garment she is wearing is stained with her blood and her mouth, her mouth is slitted to make it seem like she is frowning, this is also where the light it coming from. Her mouth is wide open just like mine, except mine doesn’t have a hovering light. She’s only a metre away but I can smell her blood and I feel very cold and dead. My heart is pounding ferociously and I can feel my body move to the rhythm of my heart. She slowly closes her mouth and it becomes dark. It’s quiet and I feel scared. I can hear noise that my mind has made up to scare me more. Suddenly the light comes back on, and strains my eyes again, she then starts whispering,

‘Although my child, you want to play,

You must only sleep, but first listen to what I say.

You’re off to find dreams, of what it seems,

Where you will go and you may meet with me.’

It was a song my mother used to sing to me when I was small when I didn’t want to go to sleep. How did she know this song? I have no idea. ‘How do you know that song? Who are you?’ I whispered back, cautious of what this dead girl might do, but it sounded more like a croak because I was so scared. The girl slowly opened her mouth, as to reply, but instead threw a high-pitched scream. I raised my hands to my ears to block the deafening sound. The chill of her voice sent more shivers down my spine. The light from her mouth glowed more and more, hurting my eyes. I try to close them but the light shines through the slits in my eyes lids. Before I know it im hurdling towards her and I disappear. I finally realise. She was me.
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