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Funny things are worth living for...
Very recently, I was at a graduation party for my ecstatic nephew which was held at my sister’s big house. Chlorine filled the air with its bitterness, yet beckoned with its sweetness because of the hotness of the humid day. (Whew! That was a mouthful) Jonah had been following me all day, one hand hanging on to me wherever I went. Everyone noticed Jonah’s attachment, particularly, since he was a miracle boy: surviving many surgeries and everyone knew him. So I was getting lots of attention. More so, because I just recently had a heart surgery performed on me. That’s what happens when the stress test is failed and the heart skips three and four heartbeats in a row. Describing what happened to me to my relatives who three at least were nurses, proved embarrassing because I still don’t know the technical details of what happened. All I knew was the Doctors went in and checked me out and said I had a physically healthy heart which happened to have an electrical problem. The electric current would loop back on itself within the heart and cause it to do weird things. I couldn’t help but bring a bit of humor to the tale while telling it to my relatives, “I thought I was feeling a bit loopy!” This brought a smile from some. The most interest part of my tale was telling that the doctor I was dealing with was referred to as the electrician. I made a mental note that titles and nicknames are especially potent in the professional field, and that people really took note of these details. There is more to this part of the story but I am happy to say that with a bit of thickening of the skin within my heart, my issue was fixed.

Attention at the party was something I received lots of, but that was something to be expected. I knew this was going to be a funny day when, during the party, I ended up in the swimming pool with Jonah. Generally, Jonah doesn’t go in swimming pools much. Mostly, this is because I have a hard time taking him into public pools or lake because of his feeding tube and gag reflex. The feeding tube is a tube put right through his skin and into his stomach and the gag reflex comes on when anything gets into his mouth. Perhaps you can see why I hesitated to put Jonah in pools? I knew he needed the experience of swimming so I did it anyway.

In the pool, I lifted Jonah up and brought him down fast in the water, eliciting a light blue spray of chlorinated water and a brash of wonderful giggles from Jonah. His mother, on the other hand, was freaking out.
“Don’t do that! You are going to scare him!”
“Yep, he looks scared,” I looked at my wife hard and continued to splash Jonah around. I was going to pay for this later. Funny thing was, having fun was important no matter what.
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