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The fever that ensued the love for Vuvuzelas. Fifa 10
The stars are just gazing over the world cup fifa 2010, so as to make their presence felt across the world. This world cup has significantly reflected that, luck has a greater role to play in the game. There are supporters of even the weakest teams who are wandering cape town to Johannesburg, in search of victory for the home team and if the wish comes true, then to witness the history being created. They have a few trustworthy and tangible companions with them, some are visible …..others are not. Determined Faith, Prolonged Prayers, Plastic Vuvuzelas from madam Wu’s factory in China, And tickets to the amphitheater, where, only the unassailable beast will survive. Exception this is, to the ubiquitous Darwin quote “Survival of the fittest”, which here becomes “survival of the fittest plus praised plus wished plus supported”.

No one would have even dared to think, that Messy and Ronaldo, will be just among the many players, of just among the many teams, which are just racing for another world cup, and deny performing as per their super-natural asset, which, in simple English is called “The Talent”. But no one either can believe that the heroes of the past have lost glory in the present. And the future generation will get different vibes, then those that we get, when we hear the words like “Wayne Rooney”.

There is always a fortune factor working in the referee ruled kingdom, and there also, are a lot of panels and meetings and hodge-podges over this issue. The decision is sure not to be reached, prior to eternity, as, when clan-1 says “There is a great technical flaw in the game which is causing injustice, not only to players, but also to the nations……. ”, clan-2 says “The beauty of the sport lies in everything that it has been having, since it’s creation and onboard voyage up to where football stands today…. it would just be considered as Tampering with the Game” .

While the powerful few are fighting over the issue, let us reconsider that the cynosures are insignificant, over-expected ones are failing, and most certain ones are watching Wimbledon at their homes in their country as FIFA-10 is heading towards the final celebration. Underdogs are covering the laps much quicker, and are giving new heroes for the young-gen to come. Schnijder, Vera, Villa, Forlan, Gyan, to name a few, who have made a mosaic on the holy book of football history, and have become the names, which give a full throttle to the “never say die” instinct within. And now, as the new heroes are emerging somewhere out of the horizon, the erstwhile fans feel a threat to the fame that old ones deserve. But, as a single page that opens a new chapter also closes the old one, heroes who gained of fortune, will become forgotten icons, and who gained of flair and fight, will skip the flip.

These facts have always been as they are today, but they are put under the microscopic observation as it is a fierce battle between the nations, to hold the golden trophy and an incomparable title for four years, till the neutrality, washes the fame in world cup 2014 in Brazil. The call at 2014 will be “Defending Champions”, but that fact gives a sudden discomfort, as the two finalists of world cup 2006 (Italy and France), were not even able to qualify for the quarters of W/C 2010. Italy’s spectre state in this W/C, is a nightmare that will not let the coach and manager of the victors, sleep for another four year span. But that has nothing to consort with giving the best in this world cup. As long as the teams are still battling W/C 2010,………… having that nightmare, would still be a dream come true.

And now, when the Google’s satellite images, might just have started showing unusual thermal images of the African south zone due to the heat of the tourney, the pressure is building for the approaching finale. The more the prayers are done, more are the expectations raised. These are the people who are inadvertently engaged with their purest will, for the glory of the team, the game, and the nation, and retain no bias for self-benefit. No religion can match the sanctity of the character that is embedded somewhere deep inside everyone as a true supporter. He is genuine in all feelings and all gestures that he posses, and have no reason for doing and believing so, but to contend his support for his set of eighteen (eleven main players, five benched players, a coach and a manager). There are no Gitas, Bibles, Qurans or Popes to be heard or read. The only thing that is heard…..is the inner-self.

The Judgment Day is near and pinned at 11th July, which will close (and of course start) another chapter. Hundreds will be lessons learned, and thousands will add to the new courseware. The tears of various reasons and regions will empty the hearts, which have waited for this month for four years. And for no reason (or may be the most crucial one), they have lived last thirty days feeling that it’s really good to be alive. July 11th will leave behind a dream (and a million) that came true and thirty one (and a tons of millions)….. Obliterated. And then, some individuals of the creed, will weep back home and some will dissolve in the revelry. Common in both sides of schism will be……..Faith and Hope in Brazil 2014.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1690462